SDCC '14: Evangeline Lilly To Play 'Hope Van Dyne' In ANT-MAN; Corey Stoll Is 'Yellowjacket'

SDCC '14: Evangeline Lilly To Play 'Hope Van Dyne' In ANT-MAN; Corey Stoll Is 'Yellowjacket'

Marvel have confirmed at their panel that Evangeline Lilly will play the newly created 'Hope Van Dyne', the daughter of Hank Pym in Peyton Reed's Ant-Man. Meanwhile, Corey Stoll has been confirmed as playing 'Yellowjacket'. We also have a brief description of the footage shown.

It has been confirmed during the Ant-Man section of the Marvel Studios panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con that Evangeline Lilly (who has remained coy about her role in the movie when asked recently) will be playing a character called Hope Van Dyne. She is the daughter of Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and presumably her mother is Janet. If Pym was Ant-Man in the 70s, then it's fair to assume his wife was The Wasp during that period and her daughter will now inherit the mantle. Corey Stoll meanwhile will indeed be playing Darren Cross, who in this movie, will become the villainous Yellowjacket (this was confirmed by Kevin Feige and backs up past rumours). He and Pym are initially business partners, but they split when Cross starts taking their company in a sinister direction. Apparently it's Pym who hires Paul Rudd's Scott Lang to be the "new" Ant-Man. Here's a brief description of the test footage shown courtesy of First Showing and CBR:

Early footage from Ant-Man showed him trying to escape on a big flying ant, with the instruction of Pym in his helmet to control the ant and tell her where to go/control his powers. Looks fantastic, I'm still in. "Superheroes. What a goddamned joke," says Michael Douglas at one point in the footage.

Voiceover of Pym telling Lang he needs him for a job, which plays over a one-take shot through a dark lab... the camera settling on the helmet to Ant-Man's suit for an instant -- and then, in a flash of blue, the helmet shrinks. The next scene shows (an all CG) Ant-Man running through what seems like a computer grid of sorts, as Pym talks to him over a headset telling him how to summon a flying ant to help him make a getaway. Lang jumps on a flying ant and flies out of an air vent. End of clip.

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