SPECULATION: Could Evangeline Lilly's Role In ANT-MAN Be Jessica Drew?

SPECULATION: Could Evangeline Lilly's Role In ANT-MAN Be Jessica Drew?

The recent scoop which named Lost star Evangeline Lilly as being up for a role in Ant-Man has fans speculating it may be for Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp. But could she possibly be another prominent Avenger heroine? Agent Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman?

It may be speculation, but a recent article form Entertainment Weekly suggested Evangeline Lilly who has been in talks with Marvel regarding a female role in Ant-Man could not just be up for the role of The Wasp, but (quote) "could theoretically be playing someone like Spider-Woman or Captain Marvel".

Evangeline Lilly as Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers? Not really the same look, plus there's already a rumor about that on this article here.

But Evangeline Lilly as former Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Jessica Drew (aka Spider-Woman)?

Aside from Captain Marvel (formerly Miss Marvel), Spider-Woman has been the only other prominent super heroine Avenger in the more recent and current Avengers book.

Evangeline Lilly's personality is also more suited for the more serious Jessica Drew than it is for the often outgoing bubbly Janet Van Dyne.

Of course, there's the topic of who owns Spider-Woman's film rights, but it seems like it would be Marvel Studios since Jessica Drew has no affiliation with Spider-Man in the comic books, just their "spider" code names. Worst case scenario, it would be handled like the Scarlet Witch / Quicksilver situation, where she won't even have to be "Spider-Woman" but just be known as Agent Jessica Drew.
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