Suburbanite Hank Pym? New ANT-MAN Shoot Location

Suburbanite Hank Pym? New ANT-MAN Shoot Location

Filming may not start until next year, but yet another location has been revealed not only in Georgia, but also San Francisco, for Marvel and Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie. Check it out after the jump!

There's a little over two weeks remaining for Marvel to make Ant-Man casting announcements which were promised before 2013 ends and 2014 begins. However, with principal photography scheduled to commence near the end of May, there's another five months for the studio and writer/director Edgar Wright to deliver the goods. But while wait for the cast to fill out, we can at least track down filming locations; hopefully leading to set pics when cameras do start rolling.

We've known that due to the lack of space in the U.K., filming for Ant-Man will take place primarily at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia. In addition, it appears shooting will also take place on-location in Echo Mill, Powder Springs, Georgia. A resident of the subdivision took to Twitter to reveal (and substantiate with a photo) that Edgar Wright, along with some producers, had stopped by his home and informed the suburban neighborhood of the Marvel production's plans.

Following mountainside mansions, New York towers, and otherworldly surroundings, the Echo Mill is somewhat of a fresh setting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The West Cobb County subdivision was one of the filming locations used in last year's sci-fi/comedy The Watch. Anyhow, Ant-Man will also shoot in San Francisco, according Production Weekly supported by a tweet from Edgar Wright. And with Paul Rudd rumored to take the title role, the film is set for release on July 31, 2015.

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