The HANK PYM + ULTRON Connection

The HANK PYM + ULTRON Connection

Hank Pym aka Ant-man is a strong character despite the reaction from the common fan, the characters diminutive size is ill perceived because he is crucial to the AVENGERS mythos. WHEDON says PYM won't create ULTRON outright but there is still THE PYM + ULTRON CONNECTION that is being missed by most.

There are three men to call themselves Ant-Man in the 616 Marvel Universe.


While each guise is interesting and engaging in their own way. Hank Pym is the quintessential bearer of the mantle.

Pym is a truly layered character full of various strengths and weaknesses. Hank is primarily a research scientist in the field of biochemistry. Hank is a renowned physicist (but most importantly and not widely known) with an expertise in the fields of robotics, ANT-MAN's helmet makes that obvious since it was his creation.

Also he is responsible for creating the very first artificial intelligence in the 616 Marvel Universe.

This explains how Ultron can become both Stark and Pym's fault. Stark introduces his A.I tech into SHIELD and THE AVENGERS, but Pym could have introduced the A.I ability to Stark originally. In which case HANK still creates ULTRON inadvertently

In a way they can both be responsible for the AGE OF ULTRON and Pym can still "create" Ultron. It's a slim possibility but, who knows? the rationale makes sense. I encourage everyone to research as well, Wright has said that there are Pym flashbacks in his LANG centric Ant-man film.
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