UPDATE: Possible SPOILERS Revealed In First Look At "Final Battle" ANT-MAN LEGO Set

<font color=red>UPDATE:</font> Possible <font color=red>SPOILERS</font> Revealed In First Look At "Final Battle" ANT-MAN LEGO Set

"The Final Battle" Ant-Man LEGO set has been spotted on the floor of this year's New York Toy Fair, but what if anything does it tell us about the movie? Well, it does reveal the presence of another [SPOILER]! If you don't mind finding out, hit the jump for a closer look...

We all know how misleading toys can be, but based on what we see below, Hank Pym will once again suit up as Ant-Man in Peyton Reed's upcoming movie for the final battle against Yellowjacket. There has of course been some speculation that Hank will end up being the movie's villain, but there's nothing to really support that theory here unless he turns on Scott after this "Final Battle" concludes. What do you guys think? Stay tuned for more updates from the New York Toy Fair!

UPDATE: We now have some much better photos courtesy of Superhero Hype.


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