AQUAMAN: Check Out 55 Hi-Res Stills From The Breathtaking New 5-Minute Preview

AQUAMAN: Check Out 55 Hi-Res Stills From The Breathtaking New 5-Minute Preview

Warner Bros. left all our jaws on the floor earlier today with the release of that blistering Aquaman preview and you can now relive some of the sneak peek's greatest moments with these screenshots...

The first trailer for Aquaman was released during this year's San Diego Comic-Con and while the second will more than likely be attached to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald next month, Warner Bros. has been kind enough to keep us going with an epic five-minute preview which is packed full of major new reveals and breathtaking footage from James Wan's DC Comics adaptation.

Now, if you're anything like me, you've probably been watching it on repeat since it hit the site a little earlier today but we've now combed through each and every one scene to bring you some must-see screengrabs from the movie. We're talking about a closer look at characters like Black Manta, Orm, and Mera, not to mention 
a first look at a number of other heroes and villains from this adventure.

So, to check out each of these and some insight into what they mean, hit the "View List" button below. 

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A flashback to Arthur Curry's childhood, it appears as if we may learn more about the hero's past when he sits down and explains it to Mera (who really wasn't a fan of his when they met in Justice League).
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Comic book fans will be all too familiar with how Aquaman's parents met and it definitely appears as if the movie is sticking to the updated version of his origin story Geoff Johns delivered in 2011.
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How much Arthur knows about what really happened to his mother isn't clear but he'll no doubt soon realise that there was more than meets the eye to her return to Atlantis as the story progresses.
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Aquaman clearly has a good relationship with his father in the present day but if I was a betting man, I would guess that his dear old dad ends up being one of Ocean Master or Black Manta's victims. 
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The visuals in this movie are absolutely breathtaking and it looks like director James Wan has definitely delivered when it comes to making this comic book adaptation stand out in a crowded market.
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Since this extended preview was released, some fans have compared Aquaman to Uncharted and it definitely gives off that vibe during this sequence. Wan has cited Romancing the Stone as an influence.
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This mysterious device seemingly plays a key role in the movie and it appears as if Aquaman and Mera need to find it in order to get Atlan's trident before Orm finds it and becomes the Ocean Master.
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The dynamic between Arthur and Mera looks set to be a highlight and this fun sequence shows her using her powers to use the sweat off his brow to activate the message left by King Atlan.
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King Atlan was the first King of Atlantis and if memory serves, I'm pretty sure we got to see him charging into battle against Steppenwolf in Justice League. Will any of that be referenced here, though?
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I had my doubts after that first trailer but it appears as if Warner Bros. has polished up the VFX in Aquaman because Atlantis looks nothing short of breathtaking and is definitely visually impressive.
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It definitely looks like we're getting some flashbacks to the time Atlantis was a nation above the sea and it will be interesting seeing how Wan handles building on the nation's mythology here.
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Who would have thought that sharks vs. giant seahorses could look so cool? However, I'd say that the most noteworthy thing here is just how unrecognisable Dolph Lundgren looks in the movie! 
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I'm loving the colours on display here and as you'll see a little further down, those Atlantean warriors look very cool indeed. The question is, what exactly is taking place throughout this sequence?
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This chase sequence is a definite highlight and Black Manta looks seriously formidable here. We know he's only going to be a supporting villain but Wan has confirmed he'll have a bigger role next time.
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This gladiator battle between Arthur and his half-brother Orm promises to be a highlight and they're presumably fighting for the right to rule over Atlantis. I don't think this is their final battle, though.
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Queen Atlanna is clearly being attacked by Atlantean assassins but seeing as Mera remembers her, will she fall in battle or be forced to abandon her son and return to Atlantis by Ocean Master's father?
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Like Black Manta, The Trench is set to only have a relatively minor role in Aquaman but the signs are all pointing to their scenes being a highlight and these shots are visually stunning for sure. 
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This appears to be a much different side to Atlantis than what we've seen before and if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say this is where Mera calls home. Arthur is seemingly being taken captive anyway. 

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This looks like the battle to end all battles and while I don't want to get ahead of myself, I really think it stands a chance of rivalling the ones we saw in both Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.
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