AQUAMAN: New Character Bios And Images Feature Ocean Master, Black Manta, Vulko, And More

AQUAMAN: New Character Bios And Images Feature Ocean Master, Black Manta, Vulko, And More

Some very interesting new Aquaman details have surfaced today and they reveal fresh details on all the lead characters as well as some cast photos offering a closer look at Orm, Black Manta, and Vulko...

Thanks to a scanned page from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, we have some new Aquaman character details and these definitely make for fun reading. As you can see below, there's more to almost all of them than we initially expected and the new information about King Orm, Mera, and Vulko is particularly intriguing. We also have some cool never before seen character images. 

Unfortunately, they're very small but they're good enough to tease Manta's costume, what Willem Dafoe will look like as Vulko, and just how well Patrick Wilson is pulling off his bleached blonde hair.

With any luck, larger versions will also rise from the depth in the coming days but be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section and stay tuned for more updates on Aquaman soon.

  • Ruler of Atlantis and Arthur Curry's half-brother, a skilled fighter who seeks to unite the Seven Kingdoms in a war against the surface world.
  • A disciplined Xebel warrior princess with the water-controlling power of hydrokinesis; mentored by Atlanna and groomed to become queen. 
  • A mysterious and cunning human high seas pirate and mercenary with a flair for creating deadly technological innovations.
  • The noble Antlantean mother of Arthur Curry and King Orm, who was married to Orm's father Orvax yet once fell in love with a surface dweller. 
  • Chief counsellor to the throne of Atlantis, he's secretly been a mentor to Arthur Curry.
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