AQUAMAN: New Statues Offer A Detailed Look At Black Manta's Comic Accurate Suit And So Much More

AQUAMAN: New Statues Offer A Detailed Look At Black Manta's Comic Accurate Suit And So Much More

Some new Aquaman statues have been revealed at Comic-Con offering a detailed look at the costumes which will be worn by Arthur Curry, Ocean Master, Mera, Black Manta and more. Hit the jump to take a look!

It appears as if Warner Bros. is intent on making sure Aquaman steals the show at this year's Comic-Con because the DC Comics movie is pretty much all anyone is talking about right now! While we got to see some action figures last night, DC Collectibles has now officially revealed statues featuring the likeness of Aquaman, Mera, and Black Manta, giving us our best look yet at the fan-favourite baddie. 

We also have some more photos of the Sideshow Collectibles and Iron Studios statues which will be released for Aquaman and as well as providing shots of Arthur Curry battling his foe Black Manta, we get another awesome look at Patrick Wilson's villainous Orm/Ocean Master! So, to take a look at these new photos, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below to see the entire gallery.

It's a little surprising that Warner Bros. has decided to reveal Aquaman's classic comic book costume so soon but despite the fact that many fans have assumed it wouldn't show up until the very end of the movie, there's actually nothing to say Arthur Curry won't don it quite early on, hence why it's being used for so many action figures and statues such as this one.

James Wan and a number of other people involved with Aquaman have promised that Black Manta would be decked out in a comic accurate costume and, well, they weren't kidding! Warner Bros. could have very easily grounded the villain's suit in reality but the perfect balance of that and faithfulness to the source material has been found here and it works amazingly.

Mera has only undergone a few small changes since we saw her in Justice League but her costume is now even more comic book accurate and it's going to be great fun seeing her alongside Aquaman.

It's been said that Black Manta will only be a secondary villain in Aquaman but it's also been confirmed that he'll still be alive by the time the credits roll in order to come back and plague the new King of Atlantis. There's also been speculation that we'll see him in Suicide Squad which would be a great place to flesh the character out before he returns to take aim at Arthur Curry again.

Aquaman wore very muted colours in Justice League so it's nice to see him looking a lot more like his comic book counterpart here (the beard and long hair have recently been incorporated into his monthly title so the transition from page to screen should definitely satisfy fans). 

It's been said that there will be a story reason for why Black Manta fires those lasers from his eyes and it looks like the villain has some sort of power source running through the back of his costume. We know that Orm provides him with this suit so perhaps he modifies the Atlantean tech to ensure that he has enough firepower to take the Justice League member down once and for all.


Aside from the odd fail here and there, the DCEU has always been pretty good at delivering comic accurate costumes (let's just not talk about The Joker, okay?). However, an argument could definitely be made that this one is among the best yet, though, and seeing it action when the trailer is released this Saturday promises to be a lot of fun.

Here, we catch another glimpse of Patrick Wilson's Ocean Master and while the purple and silver combo is definitely unique, it works really well. Apparently, Orm and Aquaman will end up clashing in a gladiatorial arena in front of an active volcano at one point in the movie, a battle which should be nothing short of epic and quite possibly the best fight delivered by the DCEU to date.
What do you think about this new look at Aquaman's characters? Do you think Warner Bros. has done a good job of bringing them to life on the big screen? Share your thoughts in the usual place.

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