AQUAMAN Star Patrick Wilson Remains Confident In Warner Bros.' Directorial Choices For The DCEU

AQUAMAN Star Patrick Wilson Remains Confident In Warner Bros.' Directorial Choices For The DCEU

While Justice League's relatively poor box office performance was another dent in the DCEU's reputation, Aquaman star Patrick Wilson remains confident that the franchise is on the right course...

Warner Bros.' and DC's shared cinematic universe hasn't had the smoothest of rides in its formative years. The DCEU earned some much-needed praise with Wonder Woman's release this past summer, but its reputation took another unfortunate hit with the release of Justice League, whose post-production trouble sent it on a box office crash course. Despite the ups and downs, the studio is still moving ahead with their features, the next being James Wan's Aquaman

For Patrick Wilson, who plays Aquaman's villain Ocean Master, there's still a bright future for the DCEU. In a recent interview with Metro, Wilson praised the studio's directorial choices as strong and exciting when asked for his thoughts on the cinematic universe.

“As they say, there are a lot of different ways to skin a cat. Or to make a movie and a franchise. I can only speak on behalf of being an actor and having a relationship with the directors. As a fan, I sit back and see the choices that they make for directors and they are very strong, focused, individual directors and that takes confidence. It easy to hire someone that is just a yes man. And they’re certainly not, which is very exciting.”

With just over a year to go until Aquaman's release, Warner Bros. has plenty of time to right their ship, including a rumored shakeup of who will be running operations when it comes to the DC film division.  Do you agree with Wilson's thoughts? Are you looking forward to Aquaman after Justice League? Let us know all your thoughts below.

Aquaman swims into theatres on December 21, 2018.
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