EDITORIAL: How To Make A Successful Aquaman Movie

EDITORIAL: How To Make A Successful Aquaman Movie

The King Of The Seven Seas has yet to be done properly on film, or at all for that matter. However, with a Justice League movie approaching closer every day, I give my take on how to make an Aquaman adaptation enjoyable for everyone whether it is in the film or a solo movie.

When most people think of Aquaman, they start to laugh and I don't blame them. The most famous interpretation of him is from the super friends cartoon and, as corny as those characters were, Aquaman received the least amount of praise. His history in comics show that even the creators and writers were worried about his fate. At one point, he was given a hook to make him look cooler and that still didn't work out like the writers wanted. It is only fair to assume that an Aquaman movie would be a big risk. Even including him in a Justice League movie could be bad because the audience would most likely expect him to be the weaker link. However, if his inclusion or movie is done right, he could become some people's favorite hero. Here is my formula on how to make an Aquaman movie successful.

Show His Powers

Whether you are a fan of him or not, Aqauman does have some pretty cool abilities. It is true that he can breathe underwater and lives in the sea like Spongebob, but he can do so much more. The "he can talk to fish" aspect could play off well as seen in the picture above, along with his ability to control the seas and sea life. If anything, he could be referred to as comic book's Poseidon. Then there is the trident, which is a cool weapon by itself. Throw in a king who can use it like an extra limb and you have some great action scenes and some new respect for the character.

Show Atlantis

If there is one thing that is a must have when Aquaman is involved, it is Atlantis. Think about it. What did many people have a problem with in Green Lantern? Not enough space and/or Oa scenes. What did a lot of people love about Thor? Asgard! It adds a regal feel to the project and in return makes people want to respect it. An underwater kingdom could be beautiful on screen and many people would be happy to see that, especially with the visual effects we have today. There is a handful of aspects that could come into play whether it be political, ecological, or social tones. Even mentioning it in a Justice League movie or having the Atlantian army help the humans defend the planet against the villain would be a nice way to bring them into the world. To put it lightly, if Atlantis is not shown in an Aquaman project: it's ready to go down hill.

Use The New 52 Costume

One of the reasons why Aquaman has a bad reputation is because of his costume. It has usually been portrayed as nothing more than tight, brightly colored spandex pieces. However, the New 52 version changes that and emphasizes the details of the scales and the sleek look of the outfit. It looks regal, it looks like something a king would wear, and, above all; it looks awesome.

Use A Good Villain

Every hero needs a villain just like every Ying has a Yang. If you explored Aquaman's villains, you would find some pretty cool candidates for a movie. If you want to prove that Aquaman has a purpose and actually does things, pit him against someone menacing or dangerous. Give them a good motive and some awesome fight scenes, and you have a good villain that proves Aquaman is a hero.

Include Mera

Anyone who has read the comics knows that Mera is just as important to the Aquaman comics as Aquaman. The same rule applies to a movie. Unlike other heroes, Aquaman is married and involves his wife in almost everything. Mera is not only a beautiful and caring wife, but also a protective and inspiring queen. She fights for her kingdom just like Aquaman and sometimes fights by herself. This would add the feminine independence aspect that many CBM's lack, while also having the opportunity to create a great love story. Either way, it automatically earns brownie points if she is included.

This concludes another installment of my "How To" articles. If you would like to check out my other articles, such as my reviews/revisits, visit my fansite. Let me know what you thought about this in the comments. Feel free to like if you agree. Until next time, this is Hal Jordan signing off!

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