Jason Momoa Doesn't Think Anybody Will Be Making 'Aquaman' Jokes After BATMAN v SUPERMAN

Jason Momoa Doesn't Think Anybody Will Be Making 'Aquaman' Jokes After BATMAN v SUPERMAN

Aquaman's had a rough ride with comic book fans over the years. That all looks set to change with Jason Momoa's portrayal of the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The actor himself recently hinted few people will be making fish-jokes after next March...

Jason Momoa was in Toronto for Fan Expo Canada 2015 this weekend and naturally he was asked plenty of fan questions about playing 'Aquaman' in the DCEU. He refrained from delving into too much detail, but he did have a few interesting smaller details to say about his take on the aquatic DC Comics hero (documented in the video below, courtesy of ScreenRelish).

Early on, Momoa was asked about was how Aquaman's personality differed from the (supposedly) more "serious" characters like Superman & Batman. He appeared to deny that his character was a more "chilled" or laid-back hero, adding, "I can't see me 
busting out a bunch of jokes. I mean, I don't think it'll be like that." He also refused to confirm (or deny...) whether or not we'd see him directly in conflict with DC's World Finest at any point during Batman v Superman.

Momoa's breakout as an actor came via his much-loved turn as 'Khal Drogo' in HBO's Game Of Thrones. Many had taken his casting as a sign that we'd be seeing a more barbaric version of Aquaman in the DCEU, but the Hawaian-born actor was quick disassociate the pair. "I don't think Aquaman's going to be raping and pillaging any villages," he joked.

That said, it stilll seems likely this version of Aquaman is going to be the most badass take on the character we've seen so far. Formerly the butt of everyone's jokes, Momoa looks set to change most people's perception of this character next year. "You know, it's cute and funny, I mean people make fun of him and there's a bunch of jokes about him," he said, before adding (rather ominously), "But I'm like 'Well... just wait. Let's just wait a little bit. And then we can make jokes...'"

We'll get our first look at Jason Momoa as the King of the Seven Seas in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which will hit theatres March 25, 2016.
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