New AQUAMAN Stills Feature A First Look At Patrick Wilson's Ocean Master, Vulko, A Young Arthur, And More

New AQUAMAN Stills Feature A First Look At Patrick Wilson's Ocean Master, Vulko, A Young Arthur, And More

A new gallery of official images from Aquaman have been released today and as well as shedding some light on the direction of the DC Comics adaptation, we get a first look at a number of characters...

The Aquaman hype train is here and showing no sign of slowing down because just hours after those awesome Entertainment Weekly covers were revealed, we've not only had a first look at Black Manta but now a whole gallery of stills has surfaced. Here, you'll find first looks at Patrick Wilson's villainous Ocean Master, a sneak peek at Vulko (played by Willem Dafoe), and Arthur Curry's human father. 

Some of these also shed some light on the plot and it appears as if Aquaman and Mera will have to follow an old map of some sort. Are they hunting down buried treasure, I wonder?! Regardless, I think it's Wilson's rather unique looking Orm which will get the vast majority of you talking.

To check out these new stills, all you guys need to do is click on the "View List" button. These look seriously cool...

<p>Aquaman (Jason Momoa) storms a submarine under attack by pirates.&nbsp;</p>

This very cool shot is seemingly set in the same location as the one from the other stills we've seen but the site reveals that Arthur Curry has stormed a submarine which is under attack from pirates.
<p>Arthur Curry and Mera (Amber Heard) embark on a quest on the surface world.</p>

Aquaman and Mera didn't have the best first meeting in Justice League but they've hit the surface here for some sort of quest. Is Arthur the one who gave her the roses she's carrying, though? 
<p>Aquaman faces off with his ambitious half-brother King Orm (Patrick Wilson) who wants to declare war on the surface world.</p>

And we finally have a first look at Patrick Wilson's Orm! Ocean Master reportedly wants to declare war on the surface world and his iconic comic book helmet can seemingly be seen in his hands. 
<p>James Wan directs Heard and Momoa inside a galleon as they encounter Aquaman&#8217;s mentor Vulko (Willem&nbsp;Dafoe).</p>

In this behind the scenes shot from the movie (and a sequence which is clearly set underwater), we see Aquaman and Mera meeting with Willem Dafoe's Vulko. What a frustrating tease this is, however!
<p>Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) protects a young Arthur Curry.</p>

Well, we're clearly going to be exploring Arthur Curry's origin story as Nicole Kidman's Queen Atlanna can be seen here alongside a young Aquaman and his father. Is this when she says goodbye?

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