5 Reasons I Believe Avengers 2 Will Showcase The Black Panther.

5 Reasons I Believe Avengers 2 Will Showcase The Black Panther.

Why Can't Marvel Give Us A Good Reason Why We Still Don't Have A Balck Panther Movie? Well... Here Is 5 Reasons Why They May Be Saving The King For Something Much Bigger.

For years now actors, directors,and comic book fans of all colors have been begging Marvel Comics to release a Black Panther movie. A popular character whose richer than Iron Man and Batman, and one of the most dangerous fighters, master of fighting forms unknown to man, and oh yeah one of the top 10 smartest humans in the world, sounds perfect right, for a superhero movie. But after Marvels announcement of their up and coming films fans are still left wishing. Or maybe Marvel has bigger plans than just a solo movie. My 5 reasons The Avengers 2 will be about guess who.

Reason 1: Back in the mid 2000's when Marvel's animation movie company released The Avenger's cartoon movies 1 and 2 Marvel later said they had plans of turning the projects into live movies. Avenger's 1 The movie plays similar to the cartoon movie. Alien attack, discovering Captain America, forming the Avengers, and saving the planet. Just a few small differences, and two characters left out, Ant Man and Wasp. Marvel already announced that Ant Man is getting his own movie before The Avengers 2 live movie. Which puts on pace for Avenger's 2 the cartoon movie and that was about the Black Panther.

Reason 2: Comic con 2012 a Marvel rep said no Black Panther, and he didn't know that people would accept an all black cast if the movie was set in Wakanda. Well one way to whiten it up is to add the Avenger's in it.

Reason 3: After Marvel announced at comic con no Black Panther basically why does Hollywood insiders say that Marvel has been calling all the african american actors about playing the Black Panther if he's not getting a solo movie? Hummm makes me wonder.

Reason 4: Marvel just signed Anthony Mackie to play Falcon in Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie when no one has been screaming for Falcon to be in a film. They must know that Black Panther is bigger than the Falcon, they could have easily gave Black Panther a cameo to satisfy people.

Reason 5: In this day and age where color still plays a major part in our society is a true but sad fact. I mean we've had a Black President twice now and still no Black Panther Movie. Even after Stan Lee has been beating his drum about seeing the king of Wakanda live in action. Late last year he said it was being developed. I believe that was his way of letting us know without spoiling Marvel's plans for The Avenger's 2 to make room for the KING! Joss Whedon already said Avenger's 2 will be much deeper. We already saw the Avenger's 1 where they tear up a big city fighting Aliens, I believe in Avenger's 2 they will be in Africa tearing up Wakanda with the world's most famous Black Superhero. Personally Black Panther and Captain America are my favorite superhero's it would be great to see them team up in The Avenger's 2 please leave your comments.

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