An Avengers E-Mail Part One

An <i>Avengers</i> E-Mail Part One

One user's interesting e-mail voicing their concerns on Marvels Avengers film.

I received the following e-mail from one of our users recently and I believe it raises some valid points/questions. I asked the user (in response to the e-mail) where it came from. They informed me (in another e-mail that I may post in the future) that it was written by them in an effort to express their concerns as a lifelong Avengers fan about the upcoming film. The user also informed me that I could post it if I wished. I thought with all the hype surrounding The Avengers filming over the last week, the following may prove an excellent topic for discussion.

It's over. The 1st Marvel Avengers film is about aliens. All the countless earth-based villains and Marvel Studios went straight for an alien invasion. So after this movie we'd have learned the the Shield initiative was started in the 40's for an alien invasion in 2012. And that a handful of Americans and a Nordic god are able to stop a race so advanced it found earth before we found them.

Tell me, for a Marvel movie universe viewer, where does Marvel go to from there? Where do The Avengers go? The brand new group, of virtually brand new heroes stops the Skrulls without the F4. I'm so incredibly disappointed. Surely Shield would have had international terrorism on their agenda before anticipating an alien invasion - IN CLEVELAND, USA!!!

Why couldn't Shield stop a powerful international organization that has been developing since WW2? Put some super villains and powerful criminals together, and no wonder Shield will need to assemble a team to fight what they've been monitoring.

At the end of that, they can reflect and say, "wow, as a team we're pretty useful. We should get together and stop earthly super villains more often, they stand no chance..." only to realize that their next foe will be bigger and badder than any earthly opposition.

It would give them preparation before they attempted to thwart a very powerful and organized race. Having a young Thor, a recently thawed Cap, 2 mission Iron Man and a few skilled humans aren't going to make the Skrulls look very organized and powerful at all.

Instead, while the movie spends time addressing the Avenger initiative and integrating all the big characters, less and less time has been left for an alien invasion. Is Whedon going to spend time explaining why all these big egos are in one movie, or is he going to rush into an orchestrated attack.

In a movie, something has to give. Either their is less time for character development, or there is less time for a fully executed alien invasion. Is anyone else seeing the issues I am? In a sequel you'd have more time to prep an alien invasion. We've seen 2 Iron Man movies, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, and there is so little mention or sign of aliens in the apparent universe, for them to just rock up in Avengers would be bizarre.

There is a distinct lack of urgency from Fury in his cameos to suggest that there is an imminent e.t. attack. Considering they are cocky and coy over recruiting, surely every man is needed regardless, when it comes to an alien invasion. Earth's safety seems less important than the reputation of Shield.

Everyone is very excited about the Kree or the Skrulls, etc. I would be too, if I had sat down to the Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Cap movies and was subtly hinted at that aliens were going to be the main antagonist. But there wasn't. I got the impression it was a bunch of anti-western terrorists working for a group called 10 rings, that may have been working toward releasing the Mandarin.

A team would be needed, not just Iron Man to combat an established terrorist cell. And Loki playing tricks behind the scenes with Hulk. The big characters would have been thrown together to fight something they could afford to waste time with in order to gel together before combating Hulk..

Why is a super soldier thawed out for an alien invasion whilst recently acquiring the support of one god? And when you have Thor throwing blessed hammers to kill aliens, why is Hawkeye involved? His arrows match Thor's hammer? Captain's shield is as useful as Tony's armour.. You see with earthly villains, they could all be called upon.

Nick Fury is going to send a thawed out WW2 soldier to fight alongside the god of lightning to fight an army of aliens. I must be honest, the thought of all this excites me, because never before has anyone seen these iconic characters depicted together in a special effects film, but seriously, the story is going to really bug me once the novelty action rush fades.

Hawksblueyes: I was under the impression from our correspondence that this user was not fond of having their name attached to this write up. If I am wrong about that please let me know and I will post it in the article.

As you can see, this is titled PART ONE. If you would like to see the follow up posted in the future let me know in the comment section below.
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