ANOTHER Editorial On Loki's Unknown Army in AVENGERS!

ANOTHER Editorial On Loki's Unknown Army in AVENGERS!

There's already a few up on here, but I thought I'd go into things a bit more comprehensively, looking at a few different possibilities. Even though I doubt we'll work it out before the movie!

I want to start this by saying that this article is purely speculation based on what we've seen from the Avengers trailers, info from and wikipedia, and facts taken from the previous MCU Movies. Just a few theories about what Loki's army will consist of.

First off, I want to point out we might be looking at TWO different aliens in the Superbowl trailer alone. Check it out:

In the first pic we get a good glimpse of one of the aliens, and that's already been speculated over immensely just on it's appearance. The second pic shows Loki flying a small spacecraft, with a few others flying behind him. What are they being flown by?

We see in the trailer that the Alien featured above was jumping off something (the leviathan?) with alot of similar species. But why do that if you have crafts? We also see these crafts coming down from the portal we see Iron Man flying towards:

My argument here is that if not all of the aliens are using the same mode of transportation, are they the same species? From hereon I'm going to assume there are at least 2 different species as components to Loki's army, The blue/green jumping figure will be called CREATURE and whatever the fuck are flying the crafts will be called CRAFTS, just to clear up confusion later on.

So, who could they be? Some possibilites:

Now, I'm not saying Namor is going to be in this movie at all, but what I am thinking is that his Kingdom might be. Reasons:

I can't find the link for it, but I'm sure somebody posted an article on here reporting that Joss Whedon had said of Loki's army, 'Who said they were aliens?' Or something very similar.

So far in every MCU movie, characters from each movie have interlinked; Coulson has been in IM1&2 and Thor. Stark has been in TIH, Fury has been in IM1&2 and Cap. The pic below was taken from another CBM article (not mine) speculating about what the leviathan is:

Here you can clearly see that on the map shown in IM2 has a marker on it that's in pretty much the exact same place as 'Namor's Solitary Place'. That article also leads me onto my next point:

The Leviathan is allegedly a sea creature! This was taken from one of the Avengers filming sets in NYC.

Last time i checked, ships didn't have heads and arms, and I doubt Whedon would change something so drastically - the leviathan is a monster in the comics, why change it into a robotic monster?

Atlanteans are blue, the same colour as the CREATURES.

There have been recent rumours Namor will feature in IM3, as seen here:

SO, with these facts, I think there could be a big possibility that Loki somehow gains control of the Atlanteans, bringing them to NYC aboard the Leviathan to wreak havok. How does he control the Leviathan, you ask? He could have stolen the horn that controls it from Namor's tomb. One guess could be made that this plotline could serve as the introduction to Namor, and when Loki blows the horn he awakens both the monster and 'Marvel's first mutant'.

We know the Infinity Gauntlet - complete with the gems - was shown in THOR.

Thanos is allegedly in the movie himself :

In the First Thanos War, He "gathers an army of villainous aliens and begins a nuclear bombardment of Titan that kills millions of his race. He then travels to Earth in search of the Cosmic Cube" I couldn't find out what the mentioned army looks like (if anybody knows, holla in the comments) but if the Titan element is removed this could serve as a good jumping board for Thanos to enter the MCU:

A possibility is that Thanos tracks the signal of the Cube (Howard Stark did it) to Earth, where Loki confronts him. Loki - The TRICKSTER - tricks him into thinking the Cube is in the hands of SHIELD, and the duo work together to take over the world, with Loki secretly working against his partner also. This cosmic idea fits in well with the idea of an army of aliens coming down from space - The CRAFTS we saw in the trailer? Loki riding in front would suggest he's working with Thanos.


I'm not a fan of this idea and to be honest I don't really put much into it as it's not that imaginative. But:

Loufi died in THOR, and as Loki is his son, it makes him heir to the throne, right? It's been said between THOR and The Avengers that Loki has had a big 'ol adventure through the realms and whatever, landing eventually on Earth. What if he landed back on Jotunheim and claimed his place as leader? This idea doesn't lend itself much to the Leviathan OR the Spacecrafts, as Jotunheim hasn't been up to much since Odin took the Casket of Ancient Winters. But they do look abit like the CREATURES jumping from the Leviathan if they were in some kind of battle armor, right?

Other good shouts have been The Badoon, the Skrulls and The Sons of Muspell (I guess they'd have the same kind of backstory as the Frost Giants, seeing as their also from another realm).

I doubt any of us will accurately predict the army that features in the movie, but I think we can all agree that this movie looks like its going to blow every other CBM out of the water, and I for one cannot wait to see how it all pans out.

Any thoughts or comments, sign off below :)
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