Avengers Call Sheet Confirms "Leviathan" Is Definitely A CG Creation

<i>Avengers</i> Call Sheet Confirms "Leviathan" Is Definitely A CG Creation

I have been sent some pics of yesterday's call sheet for the final day of The Avengers shoot and they confirm that whatever The Leviathan is, it is most definitely not a camera! There are also some more scene details so SPOILER warning..

I have cropped the most interesting of the call sheet pages and as you can see they finally confirm that the mo-cap guys battling The Avengers are indeed some kind of aliens. I know, we knew that! But this is the first time we see it in black and white. The second pic also confirms that the Leviathan will be Computer generated. Looking at the corresponding scene details on The Quinjet crashing and the "alien hits" I'm sticking with my original theory that it will be the alien ship and not some type of giant creature, but you never know.

Just in case you were curious, here are the results of yesterday's poll which asked what you guys thought the Leviathan might be.

Seems the vast majority of you think (or is that just hope?) that it will be Fin Fang Foom. Huge thanks to Patricia for sending on the images. Follow her on Twitter to give her some love.

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