AVENGERS Movie Themed Uniforms Coming To MARVEL: AVENGERS ALLIANCE Facebook Game

AVENGERS Movie Themed Uniforms Coming To MARVEL: AVENGERS ALLIANCE Facebook Game

Ahead of the May 4th US premiere of The Avengers, Marvel is launching a series of movie-themed uniforms that will allow fans to play as their favorite movie character in the hit Facebook game..

This game has experienced steady audience growth since its launch in March, and now attracts 1.2 million daily users. Apparently the special edition uniforms reflect the look and characteristics of their movie counterparts, and also trigger new “Avengers Assemble” team abilities. Hawkeye and Black Widow are the only ones currently available, but you can see all of the new uniforms along with descriptions below..

Captain America: His super-serum strength allows players to purchase and equip a new uniform that sets him as a Bruiser or go with the classic and set him up as a Tactician.

Thor: Bring down the lightning and set up Thor's movie persona as a Blaster, or stick with the Bruiser to deliver some massive hammer damage.

Black Widow: Exploit vulnerable weaknesses by tapping into her inner-Tactician, or concentrate on speed as her original Infiltrator class.

Hulk: Tap into Hulk's rage by setting him up as a Scrapper or stick to his incredible strength and equip the Bruiser version of his movie uniform.

Hawkeye: Set up the master marksman with an Infiltrator class or stick to his original Tactician roots.

Iron Man: As a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, you'd expect Iron Man to make a great Tactician; players can also lean on the power of his Mark V armor and keep him as a Blaster.

Head on over to the Avengers Alliance Facebook page to start playing now.

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