Banner in the Woods 2: Electric Boogaloo, the sequel to the critically acclaimed masterpiece

Banner in the Woods 2: Electric Boogaloo, the sequel to the critically acclaimed masterpiece

The second installment in the Banner in the Woods saga has finally arrived to grace your eyes.
Are you prepared for the glory? Well...are ya? I certainly hope so.

Banner in the Woods 2: Electric Boogaloo

It was a normal day, a day like any other type of day that would be more or less similar to the type of day that is the current day that is happening today...Banner was doing some laundry...when...all of a sudden, he just so happened to recieve a phone call from a very important person. Now, who was this person you may ask? Well...this person who called Banner to discuss some very important events just so happened to be none other than Tony Stark, who happened to call Banner so they could make plans to have another fantastic wiener roasting camping trip so they could once again have some alone time together, to get to know each other better, despite the lousy weather, but they still wanted to make their relationship better despite them getting wetter from the rather shitty weather, but hey, that's life, y'know? I know i certainly know, oh yes. Anywho, now that we got the setup out of the way, lets dig into this shit...

Bruce woke up  the following day...Tony arrived not too long after that in his winnebago so he could pick up  Bruce to drive them out to a lovely camping spot so they could have a lovely time together roasting up some wieners and shooting the shit. As they were packing their camping gear into the winnebago Bruce turned to Tony and said "Tony, i really hope you aren't going to be drinking as much as you did on our last camping trip, i will be genuinely upset if you end up pulling that shit again, i mean seriously the shit i had to deal with because of that whole ordeal...never again." Tony turned his head with a slight look of shame on his face as he replied to Bruce "Now, i know my alcoholism ruined our last camping trip, but i swear to you i've got it under control now, i swear".

Later that day...Tony and Bruce pulled up to their camping spot in Tony's winnebago and they proceeded to exit the vehicle and started to unpack all of their camping gear and after they unpacked all their shit they started to set up their tents and whatnot, and after they got their tents set up they walked down to the lake to dip their toes in the water for a bit. 

Later that evening...Bruce started a fire so they could start to roast up their wieners, oh by the way they also brought some marshmallows to have after they ate each others wieners, and by that i mean they roasted each others wieners, what did you think i was talking about?!?! Geez, get your mind out of the gutters, the night went on... Tony pulled out some booze, pounded it back rather fast, Bruce passed some gas from the roasted wieners and marshmallows, apparently they didn't quite agree with him, which is rather unfortunate, all things considered, but anywho, they eventually passed out  and then the next morning they packed up all of their camping gear, hopped back into Tony's winnebago, and then they headed on back over to Bruce's place so Tony could drop off Bruce and then later that day Tony headed back on home, pleased with himself that their camping trip managed to go smoothly this time around.

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