EDITORIAL: Why The Hulk Should Be Killed Off in Avengers Age of Ultron

EDITORIAL: Why The Hulk Should Be Killed Off in Avengers Age of Ultron

The Hulk is not a popular character anymore, and he just plain out sucks in the films. So should they just instantly axe him or should they keep him for more pointless scenes? Hit the jump for more!

The Avengers has it's fair share of popular characters. Including a fair share of unpopular characters. Mainly most of it was determined in the 2012 film The Avengers with Iron Man getting the leadership role front and centre while the rest of the characters take a back seat. Yes although that everyone did get a tremendous share of screen time, except The Hulk. 
The first time the Hulk was introduced into the new Marvel cinematic universe was in 2008 with The Incredible Hulk. Which followed with no sequel at all until the Hulk's full second appearance with a brand new actor and look for The Avengers. I think mainly Marvel sees the popularity of the Hulk has already died. The story of Bruce Banner is becoming a tired cliche the fans don't want to see anymore which is what they keep repeating. Tormented man exposed with gamma radiation that turns green when he gets angry. It's a totally unrealistic concept to be placed among the new cinematic universe. The fans can not relate to this character anymore. The only single greatest moment he had in The Avengers was when he smashed Loki and I don't believe there was anything more to him. Now if you are saying okay we may not need the Hulk but we still need Bruce Banner your wrong.

Along with Tony Stark were going to be introduced to Ant-Man another genius later on. There isn't room for three brilliant minds at all it would over complicate things further. Bruce Banner was as much use to SHIELD as a piece of wood can be. "A Gamma radiation signature, wow you know that's really dangerous be careful, that's all I have to say," sums up most of his science mumbo jumbo talk. Then he had a boring after credits scene in Iron Man 3 where he just falls asleep on a couch, yeah that sums up me watching your performance Mark Ruffalo. Eric Bana had more chemistry as Bruce Banner than him which leads me to wonder why Marvel didn't rehire him. 
All the Hulk ever does is cause more destruction than the villains. Don't you think it would start to become problematic if your paying for his expenses. For Avengers 2 just throw The Hulk in a spaceship and send him to space. To make sure World War Hulk or Planet Hulk those ridiculous Hulk storylines won't happen blow up the spaceship and done. Goodbye Hulk. We don't care about you Hulk cause you are a pointless character. 

Looking at Marvel's film line up and rumored films they don't about The Hulk anymore and so why should the fans even care? We already have Thor who can serve as the team brute. He is literally the God of Thunder. And we have some big giant green guy for what on the team just his strength? Oh please Thor has as much strength as The Hulk plus he can control lightning and he has an awesome hammer! Does The Hulk have that? No, that's what I thought. 

Nobody wants to see Bruce Wooden Banner again and The Hulk, Marvel if you are reading this stop acting silly and get rid of the character, thanks. He is also a major waste of their budget, do you know how much it cost to do the CGI on him? Alot of money and money they should spend better like for better effects and better pay towards the actors. Leave your comment below on what you think of The Avengers worst and most pointless character?
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