Will we be seeing Bucky/Winter Soldier in AGE OF ULTRON?

Will we be seeing Bucky/Winter Soldier in AGE OF ULTRON?

While many on this site have shown speculation, I thought it best that I organize all facts I could on the subject in a singular article dedicated to said speculation for those who haven't yet heard the rumor; the largely overlooked evidence remains concordant.

On May 25, Rochi Shion AKA Marvel Freshman took to twitter to announce that Josh Young, Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier stunt double, was on his way to England, the same place where 'Age of Ultron' was shooting.

Following the release of this information, Josh Young went to his instagram and posted an image of a then current shooting location which was in England.

This would normally seem uniform for a stunt man to be doing his job, except for the fact that his trip to England coincided with the June 29th filming of 'Age of Ultron' in England at the Bourne Woods.

Sebastian Stan's whereabouts during the filming at Bourne Woods remains unknown.

Do you think a Winter Soldier cameo is inevitable? Whether it be an illusion conceived by Ultron or Bucky back for vengance? Do you think Josh is performing stunts for a character other than the Winter Soldier? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.
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