AVENGERS 4: Everything The Latest Round Of Leaked Promo Art Tells Us About The Movie - SPOILERS

AVENGERS 4: Everything The Latest Round Of Leaked Promo Art Tells Us About The Movie - SPOILERS

AVENGERS 4: Everything The Latest Round Of Leaked Promo Art Tells Us About The Movie - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

Over the past few weeks, we've seen a lot of leaked artwork from Avengers 4 so it's time to take a deep dive into that as we examine everything it tells us about the Avengers: Infinity War sequel...

Avengers 4 is perhaps one of the most secretive movies ever made, with even A-List cast members unaware of how the story ends. Despite that, the Marvel Studios movie has been the victim of a number of leaks, with a huge amount of promo art and photos out there you're able to track it down.

Now, following yet another round surfacing late last week, we're looking back over everything that's hit the web since that first promo shot to try and figure out what exactly they reveal about the movie.

From Captain America's new uniform to Quantum Realm costumes and Iron Man's comic accurate armour, it's fair to say that Avengers 4 is going to deliver a lot of big surprises, many of which we could never have seen coming. To take a look at this breakdown, click on the "View List" button below.

Captain America Is Returning To The Avengers

Captain America's costume has undergone quite a lot of subtle changes in recent years; in Captain America: Civil War, he removed the "Avengers" logo after going to war with Iron Man, while there was pretty much no trace of the red, white, and blue in Avengers: Infinity War. However, one batch of leaked promo art quite clearly showed Steve Rogers once again rocking the team's iconic logo. 

Clearly, his outlook will have changed if he's happy to return to The Avengers and this may very well be a sign that the hero will be putting his differences aside with Tony Stark when they get the band back together to take the fight to Thanos. Something also noteworthy is that Captain America is once again wearing the red, white, and blue could mean that the Sokovia Accords have been thrown out too.


Thanos' Sword

Various pieces of artwork have shown Thanos wielding a sword and an Avengers: Infinity War action figure also featured him decked out in that (possibly because the toy manufacturers didn't get the message that was being saved for the fourth instalment, a movie shot at the same time as the first).

Pixelated images which started doing the rounds have revealed that the Mad Titan may end up wielding two swords, possibly because that weapon splits into two, thereby making it balanced (like all things). Where has the Infinity Gauntlet disappeared to? We'll get to that a little later in this feature. 


A Mysterious New Weapon

While we know that Thanos will have a sword in Avengers 4, another weapon which has left fans talking is a massive axe which bears a striking resemblance to the one used by Captain Marvel (known as Ms. Marvel at the time) in the Fear Itself storyline. That saw Thor grant his fellow Avengers some Asgardian powered weaponry and it's entirely feasible he'll get Eitri to outfit them with that here too.

It's also possible that this is just a random axe which will be used by an Asgardian warrior because we know that at least half of them survived and there are rumours that Thir will lead an army from Hel.


Captain Marvel Won't Be Changing Her Suit

This was probably to be expected, especially as the version seen in the Captain Marvel trailer is nothing short of perfect. That's going to present quite a challenge for Marvel Studios moving forward, especially when it comes to selling toys; look how often Spider-Man has changed his appearance. 

While leaked photos have shown Carol Danvers wearing the same suit (with some very minor cosmetic changes which aren't even worth mentioning), her hairstyle has been altered to something which appears to be at least a little more modern. It does, however, still look pretty 90s in terms of its style. 


Possible Quantum Realm Armour

Easily one of the biggest reveals to date, this leaked promo art - which came our way via toy packaging - showed Captain America, Thor, and Rocket decked out in white armour which bears a striking resemblance to the one worn by Hank Pym during his journey into the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man and The Wasp. Could Tony Stark have modified it so that The Avengers are somehow able to travel there? 

That's the prevailing theory anyway but it's also possible that these are spacesuits. If that's the case, though, why would characters like Thor and Rocket need to wear them? With Scott Lang trapped inside the Quantum Realm, common sense says that we will end up paying a visit there in this movie. 


Will The Infinity Gauntlet Return?

Promo art has shown Thanos wearing what appears to be a repaired Infinity Gauntlet but seeing as that will more than likely only be used on toy packaging and also didn't show the damage which had been done to his arm at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, we shouldn't bank on that being accurate.

The pixelated imagery I mentioned a little earlier, however, didn't appear to show Thanos wearing the Gauntlet which makes sense based on how badly damaged it was. Despite that, he'll have needed to find somewhere to store the Infinity Stones and my guess is they may need to be recharged. 


Black Widow Returns To A Familiar Look

We've known for a while now that Black Widow will be ditching her blonde hair to return to her classic red locks but some leaked photos showed a closer look at her new hairstyle. Interestingly, there appears to be at least some blonde still in there, a sign perhaps that Natasha has allowed her natural colour to grow through and that a significant amount of time has passed since we last saw her.

Captain America's Chainmail Armour...Finally

Marvel has been teasing us with the possibility that Steve Rogers will don comic book inspired chainmail armour for years now in concept and promo art but leaked photographs of Chris Evans in costume have confirmed that he's finally getting it in this movie. Why? Well, he may need the extra protection or Marvel may have finally taken on board what fans want before we say goodbye to Cap.

An Even Bigger Threat

That toy packaging showing the Quantum Realm suit also had a brief description on the back revealing that Earth's Mightiest Heroes will end up facing an even bigger threat in Avengers 4, a sign perhaps that something worse than Thanos is coming. Could it be that the Mad Titan wiping out half the universe has left it vulnerable to someone like Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave from the N-Zone?

Well, it's a little too early to introduce the Negative Zone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but he could be from the Quantum Realm instead as that would tie nicely into Scott Lang being trapped there.


Iron Man's New Armour

We've grown used to Iron Man donning a new armour from movie to movie but that first piece of leaked promo art showed Tony Stark wearing the same one we saw in Avengers: Infinity War. However, some pixelated photos showed that the hero will actually be wearing a suit with golden arms and legs, a clear nod to his classic suit in the comic books and an armour which is being described as "Mark 85."

Hawkeye's New Identity

From the moment set photos first popped up online showing Jeremy Renner wearing trousers and boots which were quite clearly inspired by Ronin (an identity Clint Barton adopted in the comic books for a short time), we've known that we'd see Hawkeye undergo a pretty significant change here.

However, blurry photos which were leaked online not too long ago have confirmed that he'll don the Ronin costume, albeit with a slightly different mask which appears to pay homage to the actual Japanese Ronin. That's led to speculation that the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is working for the Yakuza!


The Arc Reactor

In terms of the shape, Iron Man's arc reactor appears to be very much the same but some subtle changes have been made and that's probably because Tony Stark has spent years working on improving his armour after realising that not even his nano-technology was enough to dent Thanos the last time they crossed paths on Titan. Chances are this new suit will utilise the same sort of tech, though.

Thor Remains The Same

While everyone else is seemingly getting a new look in Avengers 4, the God of Thunder's appearance won't be altered because every single piece of promo art we've seen featuring the character has shown him wearing what he had on at the end of Infinity War. There's really no reason to alter Thor's costume, especially as he can't return to Asgard and he's probably been wallowing in self-pity.

After all, he surely blames himself for not being able to stop Thanos in time and so his priority definitely wouldn't have been to change his costume. It goes without saying that he's still armed with Stormbreaker and that weapon has been shown consistently with Thor in all of this leaked promo art.


Some Pretty Unusual Looking Helmets

Another recent round of artwork showed some helmets which didn't necessarily look like they might be related to Iron Man. Now, fans are wondering if those might be what the remaining Avengers end up wearing when they head into the Quantum Realm. They're going to need some sort of protection and they all look like they would match the suits worn by Captain America, Thor, and Rocket!

Iron Man's New Weapons

Iron Man was easily overpowered by Thanos and ended up being stabbed in the stomach in the process. Now, it appears as if the hero is going to dream up some even more formidable - and deadly - weapons including a sword and blaster which he may end up using to try and finish off the Mad Titan. 

Either way, Iron Man is going to have to make some changes if he hopes to be a factor in the battle to come, especially as he's now seen that The Avengers are outmatched by the threats in outer space. 

What do you guys think about these Avengers 4 reveals? Do you have any theories about where things will go next for Earth's Mightiest Heroes? As always, share your thoughts down below.
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