AVENGERS 4 SPOILER: Executive Producer Confirms Surprise Appearance Of Major MCU Character

AVENGERS 4 <font color=red>SPOILER</font>: Executive Producer Confirms Surprise Appearance Of Major MCU Character

Spoilers often come from the most unexpected of places and now one of the executive producers of Avengers 4 has confirmed that a character we definitely didn't expect to see will be making an appearance...

Right, final warning: if you don't want to read Avengers 4 spoilers, then stop reading now! Still with us? Well, earlier this week, you may recall Frank Grillo confirming that Crossbones will be making an appearance in the movie via a "flashback" and now executive producer Michael Grillo (no relation as far as we know) has dropped another bombshell. 

During an appearance at the Austin Film Festival, he was asked about the Avengers: Infinity War sequel's manic shooting schedule and confirmed that we will see the return of The Ancient One, a character who was killed off in 2016's Doctor Strange. "When we got Tilda Swinton, she was just a 1-day availability," he told those in attendance. 

With rumours swirling about Avengers 4 featuring flashbacks, time-travel, or both, it makes sense that the former Sorcerer Supreme will be making some sort of appearance and there are any number of roles she could end up playing in this sure to be epic adventure. 

Given her knowledge of the Infinity Stones and connections to both Stephen Strange and the Dark Dimension, fans are bound to have plenty of theories about where she could fit into proceedings. What do you guys think? As always, share your thoughts on that in the comments section below.
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