AVENGERS: ENDGAME Debuts Surprisingly Spoilery New Footage At CinemaCon

AVENGERS: ENDGAME Debuts Surprisingly  <font color=red>Spoilery</font> New Footage At CinemaCon

During Disney's CinemaCon presentation, some new footage from Avengers: Endgame was screened, and it provided some answers regarding Captain Marvel's absence, Thanos' whereabouts, and more. Spoilers ahead.

Disney and Fox's (more on that later) CinemaCon presentation has just finished up, and fans in attendance got to see some surprisingly spoiler-filled new footage from Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

Although there wasn't really any major reveals pertaining to the main plot, we did find out what Captain Marvel has been up to in the years between her solo movie and the Infinity War follow-up, the current whereabouts of The Mad Titan, part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes' new plan to defeat him, and more.

You'll find a breakdown of the new footage below, but if you want to know as little about the movie as possible before it hits theaters on April 26, might be best to leave that "View List" button be!

Thanos' Whereabouts

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The footage begins with Captain Marvel vowing to take down Thanos herself, but The Avengers are adamant that she doesn't go it alone.

When Black Widow notes that they don't even know where he is, Nebula chimes in and reveals that The Mad Titan told her about a garden planet he intended to retreat to once his plan was accomplished, and, as we know from the final scene of Infinity War, that's exactly where he went after "The Snap."

Rocket then pulls up a hologram to show a planet where a massive energy signature was recorded two days prior. Yes, Thanos has used The Infinity Gauntlet again.

Plan A

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As many have speculated, it seems the team's first plan of action will be to use the still-working Infinity Gauntlet to reverse the effects of the stones once Thanos is defeated.  Although we don't get many details in this clip, at one point Carol proposes that they “use [the stones] to bring everyone back.”

Based on what we've seen from the trailers, it's assumed that this first attempt will fail and that's why they'll need to use those white suits to enter the Quantum Realm.

Tony Stark And Scott Lang Are Not Present

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Although we know Iron Man returns to Earth with Nebula and is seen reuniting with Pepper in the most recent trailer, by all accounts neither he or Scott Lang are present during this scene, nor do they travel into space with the others.

Are Stark and Ant-Man off working on another way to reverse "The Decimation," or does Tony still harbor some bad feelings about what went down between he and Cap in Civil War?

Where Has Captain Marvel Been?

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It doesn't look like Endgame is going to devote too much time to revealing what Carol has been up to over the past two decades, but we will get an explanation... of sorts. 

At one point, Rhodey asks Danvers where she's been all this time, and she responds by telling him that “there are a lot of planets not as fortunate to have you guys.”

It's not much of an explanation, but it may well be the only one we get in this movie.

"Let's Go Get This Son Of A Bitch"

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The team decides to use The Benatar to travel to Thanos' planet and attempt to take him down. Before they board, Cap rallies the troops with an uncharacteristic, "let's go get this son of a bitch."

We then see the heroes begin their journey, while Rocket asks his new crew if any of them have never been to space before. Cap, Natasha and Rhodey all raise their hands, and Rocket says he doesn’t want anyone puking in his ship.

The scene ends with celestial light reflecting in Steve's eyes as the ship jumps to light-speed.
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