AVENGERS: ENDGAME Deleted Vormir And Soul World Scenes Explained By Joe And Anthony Russo

AVENGERS: ENDGAME Deleted Vormir And Soul World Scenes Explained By Joe And Anthony Russo

While promoting their upcoming action flick 21 Bridges, directors Joe and Anthony Russo explained the decision behind why certain deleted scenes were ultimately left on the cutting room floor...

Joe and Anthony Russo have a new action-thriller out this Friday, 21 Bridges, which stars Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman. The Endgame directorial duo served as executive producers on the pic, which is directed by Brian Kirk (Game of Thrones).

The siblings are currently on a promotional tour for the upcoming release that focues on a NYPD detective who locks down all NY exit/entry points in order to catch a pair of cop killers. However, they also touched on the recently unleashed Endgame deleted scenes, particularly on why they were cut.

First up, Joe Russo explained the decision to nix a scene that would have appeared during the climax of Endgame, where Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark would have been transported to the Soulworld to meet his grown-up daughter Morgan, played by Katherine Langford. 

"So there was a while where the idea was that when you use the Soul Stone there is sort of this moment that you have this kind of reckoning with something that may be left unresolved in your soul.  Since Thanos had that poignant experience with his daughter in Infinity War, we started playing with the idea that there was something interesting and resonant in the symmetry with Tony and his daughter.

The reason we ended up moving away from it is, once we shot it, we began to understand as we were actually shooting it, is that the audience didn’t have a relationship with his adult daughter in the film. They had a relationship with his young daughter but not with his adult daughter. It didn’t feel like it was as powerful as we may have thought so we began to move away from it.

Next, Anthony touched on the alternate version of how Hawkeye acquired the Soul stone on Vorimir. Originally, Clint and Natasha had to fight their way through Thanos' forces before Black Widow sacrifices herself. While editing the film, the Russos decided that the scene would be better served with Clint and Natasha fighting one another instead of the Mad Titan's henchman.

"We wanted to make it Black Widow’s final test with Hawkeye, a character who she’s been so close to, but the cuts all of a sudden became between them and a bunch of Thanos’ minions, who we didn’t have any relationship with.

So we started talking about it in post-production with our editor Jeff Ford. We started spitballing: Isn’t the best version of this scene Hawkeye versus black widow? We have two heroes, neither of whom is gonna let the other die? They both know they have a mission that involves one of them sacrificing themselves and these characters had such a rich relationship throughout the MCU. So why don’t we just make the conflict between these two characters?

Curious about whether there's a future for the adult Morgan Stark in the MCU? Well, there's precedence in the comics! Click the NEXT button below to see the potential directions Marvel Studios could take the character.

Morgan Stark Tales of Suspense vol. 1 #68 

In the comics, there is a Morgan Stark, only he's the cousin of Tony Stark. His father ended up surrendering his shares of Stark Industries to Howard Stark, causing Morgan to become bitterly jealous of Tony. Created in Tales of Suspense Vol. 1 #68 (1965), Morgan has appeared sporadically throughout the comics as a low-level Iron Man villain with ties to Count Nefaria.  

Morgan Stark Ultimate Marvel Team-Up 

In the now defunct Ultimate Universe, Morgan Stark is once again Tony Stark's cousin but he has a more benevolent nature. He and Tony are captured by Guatemalan guerrilla terrorists in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, who want Tony to build them weapons.When Tony refuses, Morgan is killed and as a play on the original Yinsen sacrifice, his death inspires Tony to build a suit of armor and defeat his would-be captors.

Howard Stark III Invincible Iron Man #500

Back in 2010, Invincible Iron Man #500 was a major 90-page storytelling event that told a story in the present and in the year 2052. In the future, The Mandarin has enslaved Tony Stark, using him (and his arc reactor) as a power source to control the world. He also utilizes Tony and Pepper's son as his chief enforcer, War Machine. The only opposition The Mandarin faces in this dark future is from a band of freedom fighters called the Black Widows, led by Tony's granddaughter, Virginia "Ginny" Stark.

Ginny Stark Invincible Iron Man #500

While her father has been forced into donning a Deathlok-esque suit or armor and operating as War Machine on the Mandarin's behalf, his daughter is looking to stop him, take down The Mandarin and free her grandfather. This version of the character has the same red hair as Pepper Potts, and is a very skilled marksman and hand-to-hand fighter. By the time the story wraps up, Ginny sets about restoring World Order as the new Madame Masque.

Rhodey Stark Avengers Vol 5 24.NOW

In another time-traveling focused episode Iron Man 3030 journeys back to the past in Avengers 24.NOW to warn the Avengers of the present about impending calamity - a planet currently on a crash course with the Earth. The Avengers manage to save the day and it's revealed that Iron Man 3030 is named Rhodey Stark and is Tony's Stark's great-granddaughter. It seems she traveled back in time to warn Tony not about the approaching planet but that in the future, his fellow Avengers would soon be trying to kill him.

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