AVENGERS: ENDGAME - Here's What We'll Reportedly See After The Credits Roll In This Weekend's "Extended" Cut

AVENGERS: ENDGAME - Here's What We'll Reportedly See After The Credits Roll In This Weekend's "Extended" Cut

Kevin Feige recently revealed that Avengers: Endgame is heading back to theaters with some additional footage after the credits, and a new report claims to reveal what exactly that will consist of...

Last week, we learned that Marvel Studios has plans to re-release Avengers: Endgame this coming weekend, and now some more details have been revealed about this "extended" version of the movie.

While the film itself won't include any additional scenes, there will be some brand new content after the credits and it's said that the deleted scene revolves around The Hulk. While most were hoping to see that cut sequence featuring Katherine Langford as an older Morgan Stark, the report goes on to say that this is a more fitting post-credits scene. 

Some showings will reportedly include an introduction by directors Joe and Anthony Russo, while there will also be a Stan Lee tribute and some sort of Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser. 

Ultimately, it's hard to say whether this will really entice moviegoers to return to theaters, but it's certainly a good excuse to increase the number of showings Avengers: Endgame will have this weekend in order to finally get it past Avatar's massive haul at the worldwide box office. 

Will you guys be checking out this new version of the movie this weekend? 

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The Hulk's Nano Gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame!

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While The Hulk may be the Strongest Avenger, he's clearly no match for Thanos because the Green Goliath was immediately affected by the Infinity Gauntlet's power as the energy surged up his arm.
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Just as it looked like Smart Hulk's days were numbered, he managed to muster up the energy to snap his fingers and restore the dead. However, there's some people he couldn't bring back.
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That is, of course, Black Widow. Due to her deal with the Stonekeeper, the Gauntlet could not be used to bring her back and it doesn't sound like it has the capabilities anyway, sadly.
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It's interesting that when The Avengers track down Thanos, he talks about destroying the Stones because of the temptation using them would bring. What else did he consider doing, I wonder? 
No photo description available.

As of right now, the Infinity Stones have been atomised in the present and returned to their rightful place in the past. Loki is somewhere out there with the Tesseract in hand, though. 
No photo description available.

Taking a closer look at this replica, it's amazing to see the amount of work which went into it and it's a shame Avengers: Endgame didn't devote a little more time to how Tony Stark created it. 
No photo description available.

As you can see from this comparison image, Hulk's Infinity Gauntlet is pretty much the same size as Thanos' and these would look mighty impressive in the hands (get it?) of any serious collector. 
No photo description available.

Here, the Hulk's Nano Gauntlet is compared to Iron Man's and there's obviously quite a size difference! That smaller version only had a few seconds of screentime before it became much larger.
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You'd best get saving now if you want this because it could set you back as much as $1000. Still, it's arguably worth it to own a replica of what is one of the MCU's most iconic weapons. 
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Hasbro is making a toy version for around $100, though, so if you're not too fussy and want a Gauntlet you can actually wear, that's not a bad option either! What do you guys think of this replica?
Continue reading below for a recap of how Avengers: Endgame's
trailers were edited in order to hide some huge reveals!


The Teaser Trailer

Mourning The Fallen


Tony Stark's message to Pepper Potts is obviously a little different in the movie, but the first key change in the teaser comes when we see Bruce Banner looking at a screen showing the heroes who died after Thanos snapped his fingers. In the movie, it's actually Captain America, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel watching those screens and it was clearly altered in the trailer for exposition purposes.

After all, it reminded us who had died and dropped that surprising reveal about Shuri, too.

However, the cleverest alteration (and I'm not sure how they pulled this off) comes when Steve Rogers and Black Widow receive that message from Scott Lang. Not only was the word "Archive" removed from the screen, but the trailer version of Natasha has her Infinity War haircut. In Endgame, five years had passed so her hair had returned to its natural red colour at this point in the story.

"Big Game" TV Spot

A Missing Hulk


What visual effects give, they can also take away and the scene where Rocket arrives to talk to Thor is obviously missing The Hulk.

In the movie itself, the Green Goliath was standing in the doorway alongside the Guardian of the Galaxy but considering the fact that Marvel Studios was keeping his role in the proceedings under wraps, it's no great surprise that the hero was hidden in this sequence. 

Black Widow's Deleted Scene And Cap's Broken Shield


That scene featuring Black Widow doing some target practice in the Avengers Compound is totally M.I.A. and that's probably just because it was either a deleted scene or swapped out due to reshoots. An even bigger misdirect is the shot of Captain America tightening his shield's strap on his arm; in the movie, it's been shattered by this point, so it's no wonder that was edited to fool fans.

Trailer #1

Another Deleted Scene


When this trailer was released, Marvel Studios was clearly still editing Avengers: Endgame because there are multiple shots here featuring Black Widow and Bruce Banner that were present in the final cut but with different takes used from the same scenes. 

The biggest omission is that emotional looking exchange between Black Widow and Hawkeye which presumably took place while they were travelling to Vormir or even after they reunited in Japan. This isn't so much of a misdirect as it is a deleted scene. 

Where's Giant-Man?


That shot of War Machine and Rocket has been changed in two key ways. For starters (and for reasons which aren't addressed in Avengers: Endgame), the armour Rhodey is wearing in this preview is its usual grey and black colour scheme rather than the Iron Patriot version we saw in the movie. 

Giant-Man has also been removed from the background, presumably to hide Scott Lang's role in the final battle as we still weren't sure how involved he would be with the team at this point. 

More Missing Scenes And A Different Background


The shots of Ant-Man and Thor (powering up Stormbreaker) are absent in the movie and while the former was probably only included to show a reaction shot, something tells me the latter was to throw us off the scent regarding the God of Thunder's new look. It may even be leftover footage from Avengers: Infinity War's final battle in Wakanda.

Here's something really clever, though. That scene featuring Nebula running into battle on the remains of the Avengers Compound was heavily altered to make us think it was happening there when the truth is that this was actually the 2014 Nebula fighting alongside her sister Gamora in the past. 

Trailer #2/"Special Look"

"He Killed All Our Friends"


This trailer was shared online quite close to the release of Avengers: Endgame, so these changes are particularly surprising. However, Marvel Studios clearly wanted to create a narrative with these trailers and that might explain why what Rhodey says here was cut along with the shot of Natasha sitting in the rain (a place revisited by Scott Lang after The Hulk used the Infinity Gauntlet).

Captain America's Suit


The "Do you trust me?" scene with Captain America and Iron Man is massively different on the big screen compared to the trailers.

In this sneak peek, Steve Rogers is wearing his new costume and shakes hands with Iron Man, seemingly putting their differences aside once and for all. However, the movie has him decked out in the costume he wore in 2012's The Avengers (because that's where they've travelled back to) and there's no handshake; instead, that moment happened quite a bit earlier in the movie. 

The reason for this change is common sense because it would have confirmed time-travel long before Marvel wanted us to know. 

Broken Shield (Again)


Along with a lot of alternate takes (including Steve Rogers shaving his beard), the other big change in this trailer is the fact Cap's shield is shown in its entirety rather than the shattered version from the film itself. Hiding this change was the right move even if its destruction wasn't as big a moment as it probably should have been when Steve Rogers came to blows with the Mad Titan. 
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