Hi-Res AVENGERS 4 Promo Art Offers A Closer Look At Hulk's Suit, Captain Marvel, Thor, And More

Hi-Res AVENGERS 4 Promo Art Offers A Closer Look At Hulk's Suit, Captain Marvel, Thor, And More

Hi-Res AVENGERS 4 Promo Art Offers A Closer Look At Hulk's Suit, Captain Marvel, Thor, And More

Remember that Avengers 4 promo art which leaked online earlier this year? Well, some hi-res individual character images have now been revealed and they reveal plenty of interesting new details...

Avengers 4 is rapidly approaching and while Marvel Studios will no doubt spend the next few months promoting Captain Marvel, we're bound to see something from the Avengers: Infinity War sequel before the year is over. In the meantime, we have some very cool promo art offering a closer look at Earth's Mightiest Heroes as they appeared on that artwork which leaked online a few months back.

These individual character shots focus on Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Rocket, and Captain Marvel, and plenty of interesting new details about each of their suits are revealed here. 

Those of you handy with Photoshop will also no doubt appreciate these are they can easily be used on fan-made posters and the like and are all hi-res! So, to take a look at this latest batch of leaked Avengers 4 promo art, all you have to do is click on the "View List" button below to view the gallery. 

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The Hulk's new suit is very cool but why does the Jade Giant need a costume? To sell more action figures?! Whatever the answer may be, there's been a lot of speculation that we're getting Professor Hulk in Avengers 4, so common sense says this new look could have something to do with that. 
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The God of Thunder hasn't really changed his appearance much since we saw him in Avengers: Infinity War but why would he? There's no good story reason to alter Thor's costume and while he'll no doubt gain a new look by the time his next movie rolls around, the black and red looks awesome for now. 
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Rocket also looks very much the same here but considering the fact he's now the last Guardian standing, something tells me that he probably has more important things to do than fret about what he's wearing! Seeing how he deals with the death of his friends should be very interesting.
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We're used to Iron Man receiving an upgrade every time we see him but it's hard to imagine just how much more advanced his armour can get over this Bleeding Edge version. Instead, it's far more likely that he'll just show off some new tricks the next time we see Tony Stark flying into action in Avengers 4.
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Captain Marvel was recently revealed on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and while she'll clearly return to Earth in the suit we'll be introduced to in her solo movie, this promo art offers up a closer look at how her powers will be portrayed. Bear in mind she will be the MCU's most powerful hero.
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Well, it's about damn time Captain America gets his suit back! We've been fooled before when it comes to Steve Rogers wearing his classic chainmail armour from the comic books but it's so heavily featured here, it's hard to imagine it not making it to the screen. What will his new mask look like, though?
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