LEAKED AVENGERS 4 Photos Reveal New Costumes, Captain Marvel, And A Low-Res Look At Hawkeye As Ronin

LEAKED AVENGERS 4 Photos Reveal New Costumes, Captain Marvel, And A Low-Res Look At Hawkeye As Ronin

<font color=red>LEAKED</font> AVENGERS 4 Photos Reveal New Costumes, Captain Marvel, And A Low-Res Look At Hawkeye As Ronin

A new batch of photos which are reportedly being used as reference materials have surfaced and we see Iron Man's classic comic book armour, Captain America's chainmail, Captain Marvel, Ronin, and more...

Begun, the Avengers 4 leaks have! Yesterday, we got some leaked shots of Chris Evans suited up as Captain America but we now have an entire gallery of images featuring not only him but also Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Thanos, Thor, and Ronin. Some of these are photos, some are promo art. Others, meanwhile, are in great quality while a handful are sadly low-res/pixelated.

Despite that, there are still plenty of interesting reveals here, including Tony Stark Mark 85 armour and a slightly different take on Ronin to what most of us were expecting. Captain Marvel and Black Widow both have new hairstyles, while blurry shots of Thanos confirm that he will be wielding a sword. Needless to say, these will tide us over nicely until 
those official reveals finally land online this fall. 

In the meantime, you guys can check all of these out by clicking on the "View List" button down below.

We caught a glimpse of War Machine's upgraded armour in that first piece of promo art for Avengers 4 but this image makes it clear that he's undergone some significant changes since we last saw him.

When eagle-eyed fans spotted chainmail on Captain America's suit in that promo art, there was some concern that it wouldn't make it into the movie itself. Well, this photo makes it clear that it really is!

Thor hasn't really undergone any changes since the last time we saw him but that makes sense as he only actually gained a new costume (and Stormbreaker) in the final act of Avengers: Infinity War.

This leaker appears to be having a great deal of fun trolling fans as some images have been partially blurred out so we only get a glimpse of what's beneath. Iron Man's helmet clearly looks the same!

This tease is utterly infuriating but it definitely appears as if Tony Stark will be wearing armour which bears a striking resemblance to the classic suit donned by his comic book counterpart over the years!

It's obviously been modernised quite a bit - as is evident from this arc reactor - but if this is Iron Man's final appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he's clearly going to go out in style in the film. 
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We'll get to Captain Marvel and Black Widow in a moment. For now, though, check out Thanos decked out in his armour! We've known for a while that this is coming and he's holding a sword here too.

As expected, Captain Marvel will be decked out in her red, gold, and blue suit in Avengers 4 and it seems as if that's undergone only some minor cosmetic changes. Her hair is a little more modern!

Black Widow will return to her classic look in this movie, with her new blonde hairdo replaced with a somewhat more familiar red version. It looks like she has a brand new weapon on her back too!
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No, you don't need your eyes tested; this image really is that blurry! However, look closely at the bottom and there are some decent shots of Clint Barton decked out in his brand new Ronin costume...

Speaking of Ronin, we can see hear that the mask from the comics has seemingly been switched for a hood of some sort, while Hawkeye's eyes are also on display. His bow has been switched for a sword.
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