10 Screenshots From The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer Adjusted For Television

10 Screenshots From The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer Adjusted For Television

10 Screenshots From The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer Adjusted For Television

The first Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped last week, and it was ever-loving epic. But despite all the Marvel loveliness, something just seemed to be missing, and I have figured out what it was...

Say what you will about the DC movie and television universes, at least they definitively say that they are not connected. Marvel, on the other hand, has a slight problem with that. We are told that yes, they are indeed connected, but what's been grating for fans like myself is that other than a few token lines in the TV shows about the doings going on in the movies, plus the odd framed news story on the wall, there has been next to no connectivity between the properties.

This is mostly due to "scheduling" according to Marvel, and there may be a good bit of truth to that, as movies and television shoot at different times, and it would be difficult to interweave the characters and stories. They stand by their "It's All Connected" motto, and it was neat to see Nick Fury and Lady Sif grace the small screen for cameos on Agents of Shield. But still, I don't think I was the only one a little disappointed The Defenders are nowhere to be found in Infinity War, especially when their city is on the chopping block again. I'm also still pining for the day Coulson is reunited with The Avengers.

I don't like being disappointed, so I decided to go back through the trailer and correct this oversight on Marvel's part. So here are ten screenshots that celebrate a could be connected universe...

1. Fitz & Simmons IKEA a Hulkbuster

Some of my favorite parts of Agents of Shield are Leopold and Jemma hunched over technology with a sexual tension that could cut a cinder block. Those kids are just so damn cute. I know I'm probably in the minority with my love for AoS, but to each their own.

2. Jonesing

It is my dream to see Tony and Jessica snarking on each other. Jones elevates any scene she's in. I would have to say my favorite Netflix series is a tie between Jessica Jones, Daredevil S1, the first half of Daredevil S2, the first half of Luke Cage, the last half of The Punisher.

3. Aliens rattle Cage

Luke is just out for a jog when all hell breaks loose. I don't care if it is convenient that he just showed up. The man is too damn fine to not be in every Marvel project.

4. Iron Bros

I have this habit where I'll just say, "I'm Danny Rand," when responding about why I did something. I swear he says that at least twenty times throughout the show. Yes, his series was lackluster, but it was never not fun bad, and that's something I guess.

5. May advise The King

Melinda will always be my favorite agent. This woman deserves to be on the big screen. I'm not saying I'd ever write fan fiction called Black Widow and The Calvary, but if i did, I would.

6. Team Nomad

It would be awesome to see these guys take on the Black Order. It's a personal dream team of mine. I loved Robbie's Ghost Rider on AoS, and certain parts of The Punisher had me on the edge of my seat. With Steve getting rougher as Nomad, these would be the guys to have his back.

7. Strange Quake

The Inhuman and The Sorcerer would be another great title. It would also be neat to see Yo-Yo zipping around saving people from falling debris while these two attack a portal or something. Little moments like this are all I need. Marvel, are you listening?

8. Semper Fi

Here's two more characters I'd love to see have a scene together. Both are packing a lot of PTSD, so it might be a touching moment for them to share a few simple stories or words while checking over their arsenals before battle. And who wouldn't want to see The Punisher mowing down alien monsters with a chain gun?

9. Assemble

King: "And get this man a shield."
Voice from the back: "We're all out of shields!"
King: *grumble*

10. It's All Connected

This does put a smile on my face.


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