AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Actor Only Found Out About The Fate Of [SPOILER] The Day Of Filming

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Actor Only Found Out About The Fate Of [SPOILER] The Day Of Filming

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Actor Only Found Out About The Fate Of <font color=red>[SPOILER]</font> The Day Of Filming

One of the most heartbreaking scenes at the end of Avengers: Infinity War was between Iron Man and Spider-Man. Now, actor Tom Holland reveals that he found out about the tragic scene the day of filming...

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is successful in obtaining all of the infinity stones and he snaps his fingers. What follows are a series of tragic moments as iconic characters from the MCU turn into dust and fade from existence. While most deaths were fairly quick, there was one in particular that lasted much longer: Spider-man's.

Peter remarks that he doesn't feel right and falls into Tony Stark's arms, hugging him and telling him that he doesn't want to go. Tony then looks in horror as Peter apologizes and disappears. What makes this scene even more tragic is the fact that Peter's spidey senses were likely going off the charts, and it was clear he sensed his impending fate. 

At an annual fundraising event for his charity The Brother's Trust, Tom Holland revealed that he found out about Spidey dying and the sad scene he would share with Tony right before they filmed it. As a result, he purposely sought to portray Peter Parker as innocent as possible throughout Infinity War so that his death would have a large impact. Holland did remark that even he was taken aback when he saw his death on the big screen. 

Holland also revealed that the death scene was improvised with Robert Downey Jr., noting that all he did was say "I don't want to go" several times. Perhaps this explains why the scene felt so natural and organic. Holland also praised RDJ for his ability to ad-lib, calling him the king of improvisation: 
During the scene on the donut ship with Dr. Strange & Iron Man, Tom actually improvised the “I’m back up” line to which RDJ quickly quipped back saying that the adults are talking.

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