AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Co-Director Confirms A Popular Soul Stone Fan-Theory - Major SPOILERS

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Co-Director Confirms A Popular Soul Stone Fan-Theory - Major SPOILERS

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Co-Director Confirms A Popular Soul Stone Fan-Theory  - Major <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

There's a theory doing the rounds which relates to a certain scene right at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, and now co-director Joe Russo has confirmed that the fans are on the money! SPOILERS ahead...

One of the final moments of Avengers: Infinity War is a haunting, rather beautiful scene between Thanos and the younger Gamora that takes place immediately after The Mad Titan snaps his fingers and erases half of all life in the universe.

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Earlier, Thanos had sacrificed his daughter in order to acquire the Soul Stone, and this sequence is a direct callback to that, with Gamora asking her father if completing his mission was worth what it ultimately cost him.

The prevailing theory is that this actually takes place inside the Soul Stone, and the film's co-director has now confirmed it.

Here's what Joe Russo had to say when quizzed about the scene during a recent Q&A (via MCU Exchange):

Yeah it’s- it’s implied it’s the soul stone. It’s all orange around, then he’s inside the stone with the amount of power that it took to snap his fingers- he has this out of body experience with Gamora.

So she’s there?

She is in fact, yes. It was an attempt on our part - because we don’t like two-dimensional roles or three-dimensional villains - every villain is a hero in their own story and as insane and psychotic and brutal and violent as Thanos is, he’s a more complex villain if you go on a journey with him emotionally. He does care about things and it is complicated for him to execute his plan and it cost him something.

He said at the end “It cost him everything” and that it was the only thing he loved which was Gamora which is why we put him back with her at the end. I just want to reiterate with the audience that he does feel true emotion even though he is a monster.

This is obviously a pretty big reveal, because if that is indeed Gamora's soul/spirit and not just a memory or vision, then there's a possibility that the character could return at some point. Most of us were under the impression that only the heroes that turned to ash after "the snap" would be back, but perhaps not!

If Gamora - as well as the likes of Loki and Vision, for example - were to be resurrected, do you feel it would lessen the impact their deaths had in Infinity War? Sound off below.
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