AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hi-Res Concept Art Highlights The Heartbreaking Murder Of Gamora

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hi-Res Concept Art Highlights The Heartbreaking Murder Of Gamora

One of the most shocking moments in Avengers: Infinity War came when Thanos threw Gamora to her death and now some concept art has surfaced showing how that fateful scene was dreamed up before being shot.

Avengers: Infinity War featured a lot of character deaths, but a good hour or so before those heroes all turned to dust, the Mad Titan made the fateful decision to throw his favourite daughter Gamora off the side of a mountain. In doing so, the villain unlocked the Soul Stone but crossed a line that he'll never be able to come back from. 

Gamora, meanwhile, appears to be well and truly dead, and it's hard to imagine how she could be resurrected in the MCU without it involving some serious Soul Stone related shenanigans. 

Regardless, some new hi-res concept art from the Marvel Studios movie shows how they went about dreaming up this incredible moment and as well as taking us deeper into that, we get to see some alternate takes on Vormir and even the man skull tasked with protecting it.

So, to check out this latest round of artwork, click on the "View List" button down below.

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I'm not sure what's going on with the Red Skull here but it's certainly a very different take on the villain as Thanos and Gamora come face to skull with the protector of the Soul Stone on Vormir. 
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As we mentioned above, Thanos throwing Gamora to her death came as a truly shocking surprise and here we see the Mad Titan tossing his favourite daughter into a hole rather than off a cliff.
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Gamora's reaction to her father's heinous actions is captured perfectly here and the Russo Brothers were clearly impressed by this piece because it was pretty much identically recreated on screen.
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A weeping Thanos mourns his daughter as he's finally granted the Soul Stone ("A soul for a soul"). Making this such a hard decision for The Mad Titan definitely helped make him a more layered villain.
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Vormir was definitely visually unique but it appears as if Marvel Studios explored a lot of very different ideas for the planet, with the colour purple obviously being a big part of their plan for it. 
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The Mad Titan leads Gamora to her death but look closely and you'll notice that the villain is wearing what appears to be rags, a rather different take on his appearance in the Marvel movie. 
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A pretty trippy design, but I'm pretty sure that these are the steps that Thanos and Gamora walk up before being confronted by a hooded figure we then learn is actually the Red Skull. 
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What do you guys think of this concept art depicting Thanos and Gamora's visit to Vormir? As always, stay tuned for additional details and check back here soon for more amazing artwork. 

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