AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hi-Res Concept Art Sees The Mad Titan Thanos Going Shirtless...And He Looks Great!

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hi-Res Concept Art Sees The Mad Titan Thanos Going Shirtless...And He Looks Great!

Josh Brolin's Thanos has been described as "thicc" by some comic book fans after he was introduced in Avengers: Infinity War and, well, this awesome batch of concept art arguably proves it. Take a look!

Avengers: Infinity War finally put the spotlight on Thanos, making him the lead character of the movie and ensuring that by the time the credits rolled, he had emerged victorious in his fight against Earth's Mightiest Heroes. While he'll be decked out in some new armour in Avengers 4, he ditched that in this first movie after gaining more than one Infinity Stone during the opening sequence.

While he ended up wearing a rather simplified tunic, it seems as if Marvel Studios once considered dialling things back a little by having the Mad Titan walking around battling The Avengers without a shirt!

The villain looks pretty damn badass showing off his muscles and there are actually some designs here which are reminiscent of X-Men bad guy, Apocalypse (who will soon return to the MCU as a result of the Fox/Disney merger).

To take a look at this awesome batch of hi-res concept art, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below to check out the full list.

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Thanos sits atop his throne here, caressing his helmet and looking very happy indeed about whatever he's been plotting. That necklace is similar to what was on the tunic he wore in the film.
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What a total badass! Thanos has quite the frame and there's no way anyone is going to accuse him of having a "dad bod." In fact, it's fair to say that he's even more ripped than The Hulk! 
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A slightly different look for the Mad Titan, this probably would have worked on screen but arguably looks a tad too casual and doesn't really seem to mesh with his villainous attitude. 
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More shirtless Thanos. Something tells me that certain fans (you know, the type that write fan-fiction) are going to love seeing the Mad Titan portrayed in such a state of undress! 
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These costumes for Thanos clearly take inspiration from a number of places, including ancient Egypt. As a result, it's hard not to think about X-Men villain Apocalypse while looking at them.
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Another shot of Thanos chilling out on his throne. It's a shame we didn't get to see more of this - perhaps Marvel Studios thought it would make him come across too much like a typical villain.
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Thanos in a hoodie? Yeah, I'm not sure this one works. While it's certainly an interesting enough idea, it looks a bit silly and it's easy to imagine a lot of fans ultimately making fun of this look.
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This gorgeous piece of artwork shows Thanos standing tall over the fallen Collector, while wearing something which makes the villain look a lot more ancient. 
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A rather detailed and busy take on Thanos' costume, this certainly gets across the message that he no longer needs armour and is comfortable wearing whatever he likes now he has the Stones.
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Thanos in a...kimono? I guess Marvel really wanted to get across this whole casual vibe for the Mad Titan and this certainly would have been a cool look for the villain while he's chilling on his ship.
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Another very casual look for Thanos, I could see this one working aboard Sanctuary II but probably not when he was going toe to toe with both the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.
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These sketches show Thanos wearing both his armour and the showing what's beneath. It appears as if this version of the character was envisioned as being a little more slight and ripped.
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It appears as if these are all the same costume just in various states of undress! Thanos certainly looks pretty regal here and that cloak makes him look like, well, the king of the universe! 
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Some very cool paintings, these offer yet another clue about what Marvel Studios was considering for Thanos while the pre-production process was taking place on the movie. 

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While there's no getting around the fact that Thanos looks like Apocalypse here, what's really interesting is the fact he appears to be flanked by aliens similar to The Other in The Avengers

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