Forget #WheresHawkeye - 10 More Characters Missing From AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR's Marketing Campaign

Forget #WheresHawkeye - 10 More Characters Missing From AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR's Marketing Campaign

Forget #WheresHawkeye - 10 More Characters Missing From AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR's Marketing Campaign

A lot has been said about Hawkeye being excluded from Avengers: Infinity War's marketing campaign but what about these characters? For that matter, why have we seen nothing from them? Read on for details!

With Avengers: Infinity War set to hit theaters less than two weeks from now, fans are understandably anxious about avoiding spoilers for the Marvel movie. Despite that, many are fretting about the fates of certain characters and why we haven't seen much - or anything for that matter - of them in the trailers, TV spots, promos, and various marketing materials. By now, you know we're talking about Hawkeye!

However, it's not just the archer and founding Avenger who has been snubbed here. There are actually a lot of different characters who have been absent from all of the above but why exactly is that?

Here, we take a look at ten characters who have been excluded from the marketing campaign for Avengers: Infinity War and attempt to explain why they haven't been included despite their A-List status. We also delve into possible spoilers to figure things out, so click below to see the list in full

The Nova Corps

Nova Prime and her interplanetary police force were missing from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 but we know that they have the Power Stone safely locked up after Star-Lord and company managed to wrest it from Ronan the Accuser. That's clearly not going to last long as Thanos has been shown in possession of that Infinity Stone in the trailers so what exactly does he have planned for Titan?

There's been no sign of that planet or the Nova Corps in the trailers for the movie so that's something which is a) happening off screen or b) won't make up a particularly notable chunk of Avengers: Infinity War. That's bound to disappoint fans hoping to see this group get a much larger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and once again points to Nova not being brought to the big screen for now.



At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder has assembled a ragtag group of Revengers which included Taika Waititi's brilliant Korg. He stole the show in the threequel and emerged as an instant fan-favourite so why haven't we seen him pop up in Avengers: Infinity War? Surely Thanos' attack on Thor's ship won't result in him being killed off alongside Miek and other aliens from The Grandmaster's planet? You'd have to hope not but it seems they could wind up being written out immediately.

How that will be handled by the Russo Brothers remains to be seen but with no sign of these characters in the trailers or promo material for the movie, their role here could be non-existent. 


Pepper Potts/Happy Hogan

Set photos have confirmed that these two will show up in Avengers 4 (possibly Avengers: Infinity War; it's hard to say given the overlap between the shooting schedules of both movies) and while they were spotted alongside Robert Downey Jr. in a recently released behind the scenes video, that's it for these two! Given their importance to the Iron Man franchise, that's a strange decision.

Bear in mind that Pepper was always a big part of the trailers for the Iron Man movies and we saw plenty of Happy in the various Spider-Man: Homecoming sneak peeks. Perhaps their role is pretty much little more than a glorified cameo to provide some all-important connectivity but there's been no sign of them and that probably means they're not going to end up being that important here.


The Collector

Like Nova Prime, The Collector is currently in possession of the Reality Stone Sif and Volstagg delivered to him at the end of Thor: The Dark World. He's since crossed paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy and failed to mention that he has another of those powerful artefacts in his possession and while Benicio Del Toro has been confirmed to return, we've not even caught a glimpse of him!

That's a surprise considering the fact he's such a big name (especially after his starring role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi) but we may have a
spoilery explanation as to why. Some leaked footage from Avengers: Infinity War showed Thanos towering over the fallen Collector as the Guardians looked on. As a result, it's safe to assume this character won't be long for this world when we find him here.


We were introduced to a lot of great characters in Thor: Ragnarok but the breakout was unquestionably Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie. Fans gravitated towards this strong female character and critics praised Taika Waititi for introducing such an exciting and diverse take on the character. With all of that in mind, it's hard not to wonder why we've seen absolutely nothing of the hero thus far. 

There's no way Marvel would kill her off in the opening few minutes (unless they're prepared for a sizeable backlash) so Valkyrie has to have some sort of role in Avengers: Infinity War. Why that's being kept under wraps is hard to say but she must have something to do...then again, if she's not even worthy of her own poster, it can't be that much so maybe Valkyrie will just be Thanos' prisoner!



With Avengers: Infinity War set to have a major impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's hard to figure out how Ant-Man and The Wasp can possibly be sandwiched between that and Avengers 4. Is it a prequel to the former or will it only acknowledge the events of that movie near the very end? 

We'll have to wait and see but with Marvel Japan sharing a photo of the costumes which will be worn by some of the movie's leads and Scott Lang's suit among them, it definitely appears as if the pint-sized hero is indeed going to make some sort of appearance here. There could be a very good reason why Ant-Man's appearance is being kept a secret it's strange to see him excluded from marketing.


Nick Fury

We know that Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury will be a big part of Captain Marvel so why on Earth haven't we heard anything about him being in Avengers: Infinity War? The actor has repeatedly claimed that he won't appear in this or Avengers 4 but that seems hard to believe given his importance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the fact he helped launch it back in 2008 with Iron Man

The fact he hasn't shown up in any marketing materials could be a sign that his role is extremely secretive and if that is the case, it's hard to fault Marvel for leaving Samuel L. Jackson out of posters and the like. However, just like it was a shame that Superman was absent from all those Justice League posters, it's also disappointing that one of the MCU's founders has been absent up until this point.



Fans (and Idris Elba for that matter) have never been happy with the way Heimdall has been treated in the Thor franchise but will that finally change in Avengers: Infinity War? He definitely got a better time of it in Thor: Ragnarok but with no sign of him in the posters, it appears as if we're getting yet another brief appearance from the hero despite those theories that he's actually the Soul Stone.

Throw in the fact that his trademark sword has been spotted at the feet of Proxima Midnight and in the hands of Thor, and it appears as if we can expect him to meet his maker fairly early on at the hands of Thanos. That's a dissatisfying end for the character, so here's hoping the Russos make it count. 


Peter Dinklage's Mysterious Character

Peter Dinklage is a huge star so the fact Marvel isn't promoting his role in Avengers: Infinity War is definitely surprising. As a result, we're left to assume that the Game of Thrones actor must have a very secretive part to play in proceedings. While the Russo Brothers have said he'll be recognisable, the prevailing fan theory is that he'll be the leader of the trolls and Mjolnir's creator, Ulik.

Considering the fact Marvel has shown so many scenes of Thor attempting to create Stormbreaker (not to mention all those toys), it's genuinely shocking that there's been no sight of Dinklage's character beyond his name being listed on the theatrical poster. Still, as strange as it is that he's not got his own poster or at least an official image, I guess we're going to have to wait and see what he does here.


Aunt May

Spider-Man is clearly going to have a key role to play in Avengers: Infinity War, and while it's fair to say that there's probably not a single person out there dying for an Aunt May poster (regardless of how beautiful Marisa Tomei is), her lack of appearances in the wall-crawler heavy TV spots and promos could be indicative of what sort of role she'll end up having in the highly anticipated movie. 

Bear in mind that Spider-Man: Homecoming ended on a huge cliffhanger as May learned her nephew's secret so that has to be addressed in some way here. It's possible we'll just pick up with Peter on that school bus, of course, but if that is the case, it means his aunt hasn't stopped him from protecting New York City. We'll just have to wait and see but it's possible she won't even appear! 
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