New AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer: Take A Closer Look At The Biggest Moments With Amazing GIFs

New AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer: Take A Closer Look At The Biggest Moments With Amazing GIFs

The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer was incredible and we're now taking a closer look at some of the best moments with these awesome GIFs showing Spidey swinging into action, Cap vs. Thanos, and more.

We've been waiting for the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer for weeks now and it finally arrived today in epic fashion. Featuring plenty of huge moments, big reveals, and shocking scenes, it's fair to say that Marvel Studios has definitely delivered with this preview and April 27th can't get here soon enough. Now, we've rounded up some of those in the form of GIFs to figure out what exactly is going on.

From the Mad Titan's first meeting with Gamora to key action scenes and Captain America's encounter with Thanos in Wakanda, you can relive the best moments with these must-see GIFs from the film.

To check out the entire list as well as some insight into what each of these scenes 
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Infinity War - Trailer 2 Gifs 20 GIF

Which character is about to receive what looks like a killing blow from Thanos? Well, this could be part of the scene from the first trailer where he gives Iron Man a good thrashing and based on what we can see in the background, it looks like he's already blown up one of Titan's moon by this point.

Spider-Man Swings Into Action

What an amazing, spectacular sight! Most of us thought that we'd never get to see Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but here he is in just his third outing in this shared world swinging through outer space as debris rains down around him. A perfect shot to end the trailer on, that's for sure.

Thor Powers Up

infinity war avengers GIF by

As Rocket and Groot look on, Thor summons the lightning to presumably forge his new Stormbreaker weapon. How he escapes Thanos remains to be seen but we know that the Guardians of the Galaxy find the God of Thunder floating unconscious through space after he's soundly defeated.

The Death Of Captain America?

infinity war avengers GIF by

Holy s***, this is epic! Steve managing to hold back Thanos - who is clearly struggling to overpower the super soldier - is an awesome sight but one it's hard to imagine lasting particularly long when he already has two of the Infinity Stones in his grasp. Will Cap bit the dust just seconds later?

New Avengers Assemble!

captain america avengers GIF by

We've been hearing a lot about this scene lately as a number of reporters were present when it was being shot. As you can see, Captain America is leading a new team of Avengers here, many of whom were previously aligned with Iron Man. Have they finally put their differences aside now?

Thanos Meets Gamora

infinity war avengers GIF by

This appears to be a younger Thanos - in his full battle armour - approaching a young Gamora on her homeworld. It's clear now that this movie is going to elaborate on his decision to abduct her and hopefully means we can expect quite a few flashbacks fleshing out the Mad Titan's storied history.
Infinity War - Trailer 2 Gifs 11 GIF

The massive soldiers holding back Gamora's people appear to also be Titans, a sign perhaps that this took place before his planet was ravaged by whatever affliction led to him deciding to wipe out half of the universe. Could it be that we'll see a kinder side to Thanos in this flashback?

Ebony Maw Strikes

Infinity War - Trailer 2 Gifs 17 GIF
Infinity War - Trailer 2 Gifs 16 GIF

Comic book fans should definitely recognise this scenes from the Infinity event as Ebony Maw uses his psychic daggers to torture Doctor Strange. In those, he wanted to find out the location of one of the Infinity Stones, so it's safe to assume that he's been tasked with the same job in this movie.

The Power Of The Mad Titan

Bye bye, Tesseract! It's not clear if Thanos is simply crushing the Cosmic Cube into the size of a stone or just breaking its casing to unleash what's inside but the fact he can even hold it shows how powerful he is. After all, things didn't end well for the Red Skull when he gave it a go during WWII. 

Iron Man's New Armour

We know that Iron Man will be rocking his Bleeding Edge armour in Avengers: Infinity War and while most of its new abilities are kept under wraps in this trailer, we do see Iron Man transforming part of it in order to give him a boost; expect it to do even more than that in the movie, though! 

War In Wakanda

The heroes are all ready for war here as Captain America, Bucky, Black Panther, the Hulkbuster, and the entire might of the Wakandan army can be seen rushing into battle along with a number of other familiar faces. This is the biggest battle we've ever seen in a Marvel Studios movie, that's for sure.

Meet The Black Order

Infinity War - Trailer 2 Gifs 13 GIF

Behold the Black Order! While Loki is seemingly aligned with them here, the fact Proxima Midnight is aiming her staff at his head points to him having been captured when Thanos and his "children" attacked Thor's ship (look closely, and you'll notice that they're surrounded by dead Asgardians). 

The Hulkbuster Returns

iron man avengers GIF by

That's Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster armour and while Thanos' Outriders clearly manage to break through Wakanda's defences and tear into him, toy packaging has seemingly confirmed that The Hulk will break out and kick some serious ass but "killing" the scientist in the process. 

The Vision's Final Moments

infinity war look GIF by

Could we be witnessing The Vision's final moments? In a scene which is clearly set in Wakanda, The Vision and the Scarlet Witch share a rather concerned look and that could be because Thanos is finally about to get his hands on the Mind Stone, leaving the android dead and gone in the process.

This Is Really Happening

spider-man wow GIF by

Peter Parker looks pretty impressed to be observing a conversation between Iron Man, Drax, and Star-Lord and so are we! This isn't a scene we ever thought would grace the big screen so it's a treat to see on the big screen and one of many interactions sure to leave all of our jaws on the floor. 

Spider-Man, Meet Doctor Strange

Spider-Man Hello GIF by

These two have quite the storied comic book history and seeing them on the big screen together is sure to make fans of JMS' Amazing Spider-Man run very happy indeed. It's a funny exchange and something we can probably expect a lot of when all these different heroes end up crossing paths.
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