New Photo Of Paul Bettany As The Vision Could Reveal A Big AVENGERS 4 SPOILER

New Photo Of Paul Bettany As The Vision Could Reveal A Big AVENGERS 4 <font color=red>SPOILER</font>

Paul Bettany has shared a new photo of himself suited up as The Vision but what does it reveal about Avengers: Infinity War, or more specifically, Avengers 4? Hit the jump to check it out...

While we got to see some concept art during this year's Comic-Con, Marvel Studios has not yet revealed so much as a single official image from Avengers: Infinity War. We have seen a lot of behind the scenes photos, though, and the latest comes from Paul Bettany. As you can see, it's an image he says was taken by Mark Ruffalo but is this from the set of Infinity War or the untitled fourth movie?

We don't know for sure but the latter is currently shooting so it makes sense for it to come from that. 

If that is the case, we know The Vision still has that Infinity Stone on his head going into that movie or he somehow regains it in the battle with Thanos. Beyond that, the photo doesn't reveal much but it is a cool new look at the character (though I'm guessing he won't be wearing those snazzy glasses). 

Do you have any thoughts or theories about what this picture might mean for Avengers: Infinity War and/or Avengers 4? As always, be sure to let us know that in the comments section down below. 


@markruffalo took this picture of me catching up on paper work.

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