The Russo Brothers Share AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Poster Parodying LOGAN

The Russo Brothers Share AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Poster Parodying LOGAN

James Mangold's Logan was one of the most critically acclaimed superhero movies of 2017 but Joe and Anthony Russo have playfully poked fun at that with this (fan-made?) Avengers: Infinity War poster...

One of the coolest moments in the new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War came when we saw what was quite clearly a flashback to the moment Gamora was abducted by Thanos. Interestingly, it almost appears as if the youngster went with him willingly while her people were held at bay by Chitauri soldiers and it's obviously going to be fascinating to watch all this play out in the upcoming movie.

Now, directors Joe and Anthony Russo have shared what appears to be a fan-made poster for "Thanos" which quite clearly parodies the one which was released by Fox for Logan last year. That obviously featured Laura holding Wolverine's hand and it was a piece of imagery praised by the majority of fans. 

This is obviously a piece of good-natured ribbing by the Russos and not intended to make fun of Logan. However, it is going to be fun seeing if there are any similarities between Thanos' relationship with Gamora and the one between Wolverine and X-23 (it seems doubtful considering the fact that the former X-Man didn't want to turn his charge into a living weapon). What do you think of this poster?

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