The Russo Brothers Tease Another "Radical Transformation" For Thor In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

The Russo Brothers Tease Another "Radical Transformation" For Thor In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

The God of Thunder went through some unbelievable changes in Thor: Ragnarok but it appears as if we can expect to see another radical transformation for the hero when he returns in Avengers: Infinity War.

Over the course of two hours or so in Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder learned he had a sister, watched his father die, got his hair cut when he was forced to compete in an arena, lost an eye, and became the new King of Asgard moments after it was destroyed by Surtur. Needless to say, the character went through some pretty major life-altering changes but those could keep coming! 

During a recent Q&A, Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo indicated that we should expect Thor to continue to evolve when he returns
in the highly anticipated superhero ensemble. 

"I think it’s very similar to Captain America’s situation when we picked up his story in Winter Solider when Joe and I came on to do our first movie for Marvel. Cap was in a place where we were very much catching him up in the modern world and seeing what that meant to him, and figuring out how you move a character that far forward and that far away from where they started back during the 40s, so I think in Thor we have similar opportunities with that character in this movie is that he’s going through a radical transformation and he’s moving forward in a way where he can never go back, and that’s always a fun place to be with a character as a storyteller."

The trailer pointed to what was left of Asgard being dead and gone so perhaps we'll see Thor join the Guardians of the Galaxy? That's going to be the case for a while regardless but there have been rumblings that he'll get his eye and/or Mjolnir back, so big changes are clearly on the horizon for Thor.

What are you most excited to see 
from the God of Thunder in Avengers: Infinity War? Sound off below.
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