MARVEL'S AVENGERS "The Art Of The Game" Book Includes A Potential SPOILER For The Video Game

MARVEL'S AVENGERS "The Art Of The Game" Book Includes A Potential <font color=red>SPOILER</font> For The Video Game

The cover art for the upcoming "Art of" book for the Marvel's Avengers video game has been revealed, and it includes a potential spoiler for the title regarding one of the main characters. Check it out...

The release of Marvel's Avengers is fast approaching, and the cover art for the upcoming "Art of the Game" has now been revealed. Release by Titan Books, it's set to go on sale during the first week of September, and promises to be a must-have for any fans looking forward to this video game.

According to the officially released description, the book "features intimate studies of the Avengers, their designs, outfits, gear, and abilities, plus a detailed look at the different environments and missions in the game."

"Unmasking the artistry behind the hotly anticipated videogame, this showpiece hardback book contains exclusive concept sketches, character art, storyboards, and fully rendered scenes alongside fascinating insights into the creative process from the talented creators of the game."

Sounds good, right? So, where does that aforementioned spoiler come into play? Well, as you can see, an armoured Captain America is pictured alongside the rest of the team here despite the fact that the opening chapters of Marvel's Avengers reportedly kill off Steve Rogers. Fighting alongside the likes of Ms. Marvel and Thor, the hero is quite clearly among the living in this artwork. 

Check the cover out below:

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