CBM Weekly Review: 03/10/12 - 03/16/12

CBM Weekly Review: 03/10/12 - 03/16/12

Here's a recap of all the top news stories from the past week. Catch up on any headlines you may have missed on The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel and DC Comics, and More!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sam Witwer on Darth Maul & Clone Wars
In this exclusive interview conducted by CBM's Ed Gross, actor Sam Witwer talks about voicing Darth Maul in tonight's season finale and the darker direction of Clone Wars itself.

Currently working on Fear Itself: The Fearless and Fear Itself: Battle Scars, as well as penning upcoming arcs on the likes of Captain America &..., Wolverine and Venom, the writer talks to us about all of that as well as The Sixth Gun, Spider-Man: Season One and much more.


Bane Co-Creator Chuck Dixon Says Christopher Nolan Got The Character Right
Chuck Dixon: "Well, I know more from the interviews with Christopher Nolan than I do from the little I've seen of the movie. Nolan has read and appreciated the comics featuring Bane and clearly intends to make him what he was created to be: Batman's intellectual and physical equal. My biggest fear was that he would be portrayed as a musclebound thug rather than a musclebound criminal genius. It also helps that actor with Tom Hardy's talent will be playing him."

Joss Whedon's BATMAN Movie Pitch To Warner Bros. Was Like "Talking To A Wall"
Reminiscing about pitching what would've been his Batman Begins, prior to the Christopher Nolan-directed reboot, check out what The Avengers director Joss Whedon had to say!

Tim Burton Reflects On Working With Michelle Pfeiffer On BATMAN RETURNS
While talking about working with Michelle Pfeiffer again on Dark Shadow's Tim Burton recalled his time with her on Batman Returns calling it one of his favorite performances.

FAN MADE: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr Freeze Stars In BATMAN & ROBIN Musical

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The Avengers
THE AVENGERS Premiere Date And Location Revealed; Enter Sweepstakes to Attend
With a customized location for Marvel Studios in Hollywood California, a new sweepstakes offering fans the chance to attend The Avengers world premiere has revealed the date!

THE AVENGERS: Japanese Trailer Includes New Footage!
Check out lots of awesome new footage including Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, much more of Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Aliens and the Helicarrier!

Tickets For THE AVENGERS Now On Sale At All Movie Locations, Get Yours Today!
Movie tickets for The Avengers have gone on sale at all theaters. Grab your tickets today and help make The Avengers an opening day success.

New International THE AVENGERS Promo Banners Arrive
Revisit The Road To THE AVENGERS With This Art Expo On MARVEL Concept Artist Ryan Meinerding
New Look At THE AVENGERS On Foreign Newspaper
Liam Hemsworth Briefly Comments On Losing The Role Of THOR To Older Brother Chris
Joss Whedon Weighs In On THE AVENGERS Spider-Man Rumor, HULK Insight, And Easter Eggs
Joss Whedon On THE AVENGERS Climax & Sequel; Steve Rogers' POV No Longer Story's Focus
Joss Whedon States That THE AVENGERS Set Was "Ego-Free"
Joss Whedon Reveals THE AVENGERS Official Runtime
Select AMC Theaters To Show All Movies From The Marvel Universe On May 3rd
Joss Whedon Details THE AVENGERS' Overall Experience, Teasing Villains & Much More!
Joss Whedon Reveals Why He Didn't Use The Skrulls Or Kree In THE AVENGERS

FAN MADE: THE AVENGERS Trailer Gets Sweded Again!

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Spider Man
Beenox's Dee Brown May Have Just Spoiled The End Of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
In a lengthy interview about the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man video game, the head of Beenox lets slip a piece of info which may just reveal the final fate of the Lizard in the upcoming movie.

New Image from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Feautres Peter and Gwen

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Super Man
Costume Designer Discusses Superman's Suit & Krypton's Origins In MAN OF STEEL
Michael Wilkinson spoke at the 5D | FLUX conference earlier this week, and dropped a few tidbits regarding Superman's iconic "S" costume design and how it will tie in to Krypton's history..

Here's the first look at the animated feature Superman vs The Elite. It certainly looks to be a departure from previously released direct-to-video efforts from Warner Bros. Animation.

SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE Bonus Features & Release Date Revealed
Spoilerish MAN OF STEEL Call Sheet Surfaces Online ---Removed @ the request of WB
Visual FX Legend Steve Johnson Talks Tim Burton's SUPERMAN Suit

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Jennifer Lawrence In a Possible HUNGER GAMES/ X-MEN Conflict
Sequels to both Hunger Games and X-Men:First Class reportedly want to begin shooting at roughly the same time. Find out which studio has the inside track on having the gorgeous Lawrence return to their franchise first.

Jennifer Lawrence Briefly Touches On An X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel
The gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence is making all the media rounds for Hunger Games but of course she's peppered with a sprinkling of X-Men: First Class queries.

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Paramount Sets TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Release For Christmas 2013
Anthony Mandler In Talks To Direct THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME
ANIME: First Poster For Live-Action RUROUNI KENSHIN
New STAR TREK 2 Set Photos, A Glimpse Of Sulu,Uhura And Another Vulcan?
BIOSHOCK Movie Stalled Over R-Rating, HIGHLANDER Reboot To Have Original Take On Immortality
New Image Of Snake Eyes From G.I. JOE: RETALIATION Released
GREEN HORNET Won't Get a Sequel
Japanese Trailer For MEN IN BLACK 3; Three Wallpapers Also Released
First Footage From TOTAL RECALL Debuts
New Action-Packed Trailer For BATTLESHIP Debuts!
SIN CITY 2 To Begin Shooting This Year Says Robert Rodriguez

Poll: What Did You Think Of John Carter?

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New AVENGERS: EMH Stills Reveal Season 2 Villains
CW's ARROW To Shoot At Hatley Castle
New Promo for THE WALKING DEAD Finale & Playboy to Publish Michonne's Origin
Jon Bernthal Discusses The Latest Twist In THE WALKING DEAD
SPOILER: Season Two Finale Of THE WALKING DEAD---Removed @ the request of AMC

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Marvel Comics
STAN LEE Reminds Us Why We Love Him, Discusses The Difference Between SUPERMAN And The SILVER SURFER
In a recent interview with TVKids.ws, the Generalissimo fields a number of questions about the Amazing Spider-Man video game, Marvel, and his brigadiers.

COMICS: Captain America And Cyclops Square Off In New JRJr AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Teaser
COMICS: Marvel To Launch Yet Another X-MEN Title; THUNDERBOLTS Will Become DARK AVENGERS
COMICS: Marvel To Launch A New MAN-THING Series This June
COMICS: A Battle Of The "Strongest There Is" In First Look At AvX #2
COMICS: Marvel Revolutionizing The Way You Read Comics!

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DC Comics
More From Alan Moore On BEFORE WATCHMEN And Its Potential Readership
COMICS: BEFORE WATCHMEN Shipping Schedules Announced
COMICS: First Look At Harley Quinn's New Origin In SUICIDE SQUAD #7

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