CBM Weekly Review: 03/17/12 - 03/23/12

CBM Weekly Review: 03/17/12 - 03/23/12

Here's a recap of all the top news stories from the past week. Catch up on any headlines you may have missed on The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel and DC Comics, and More!

SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Q. Miller on Lex Luthor
In an exclusive interview with CBM Editor Ed Gross, writer Bryan Q. Miller discusses the Smallville season 11 digital comic, in this installment talking about the Lex Luthor that audiences will be meeting.

THE WALKING DEAD Cast Looks Ahead to Season 3
Thanks to AMC, ComicBookMovie.com has been given this EXCLUSIVE video clip FIRST--showing the cast and crew talking about what's in store for season three! Lots of clips from last nights season finale including Michonne and the Prison!

We'll have more exclusive content in the coming weeks so make sure you stay glued to CBM. You won't want to miss the exclusive content that will be posted as we move ever closer to this summer's blockbuster movies!


THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (TDKR) Is NOT 4 Hours Long, Not Even Close
MTV reported the run time of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises as four hours long as a joke which got out of hand. Four hours is too long, even for Batman.

New Promo Images Of CATWOMAN & BANE From TDKR
Some new theater standees reveal a brand new look at two of Batman's foes from Christopher Nolan's upcoming threequel. The Bane one is familiar enough, but check out Catwoman brandishing a gun...

Bane Co-Creator Graham Nolan Discusses THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' Version Of The Character
Graham Nolan, who can't even bear to watch Bane's incarnation in Joel Schumacher's atrocious Batman & Robin, gives his opinion on what he has seen so far.

TWITTER BUZZ: The Dark Knight Returns
At the conclusion of the Superman vs. The Elite premiere at Wonder Con, attendees were treated to a sizzle reel of new footage from Warner Bros. Animation's adaption of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Here are some reactions.

Is THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' Working Title A Clue for Bane's Doomsday Device?
Does a Norwegian science experiment hold the keys to finding out what Bane's mysterious device is, in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises?

Brief New Plot Synopsis For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Revealed
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Book Cover Art of Batman Fighting Bane
FRINGE's Joshua Jackson Would Have Another Audition To Play BATMAN

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The Avengers

Clark Gregg Dishes On Seeing THE AVENGERS Movie
Offering his reaction seeing one of this year's most-anticipated films, Marvel's The Avengers, hit the jump for a brief video hat with 'Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.' actor Clark Gregg

Will Thor Wear His Iconic Helmet In THE AVENGERS?
Brian Ono, president of eFx collectibles, seems to confirm that the God of thunder will not be wearing his shiny helmet in Joss Whedon's upcoming superhero ensemble. Hit the jump for more...

While he doesn't reveal anything new, hit the jump to read Stan "The Man" Lee's thoughts on his humorous cameos in The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as preparing for an appearance in Iron Man 3.

More THE AVENGERS Trading Cards Revealed Featuring New (low-Res) Photos!
Artist Ryan Meinerding Elaborates On Designing THE AVENGERS Superheroes
Does A Trading Card Reveal A WWII Flashback In MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS?
Twelve All-New THE AVENGERS Still Photos Released

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Spider Man
New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Viral Video Features A Message From Captain Stacy
Shedding new light on Captain Stacy's feelings against Spider-Man in the upcoming movie, this video (in the form of a Daily bugle news report) also offers up a brand new website in the viral campaign.

Marc Webb, "We Hint At The Back Story Of Norman Osborn" In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
he director shares all new insight into The Amazing Spider-Man, talks Norman Osborn, why only one villain and whether the film is his vision for Spider-Man or Sony's.

Bruce Campbell To Have "Pivotal Tole" In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME!
Full Video Of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN WonderCon Panel
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Wall Poster Features New Promotional Art of The Lizard
VENOM And FANTASTIC FOUR Will Have To Wait, Josh Trank To Direct THE RED STAR For WB

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Zack Snyder Talks About Making A "Relevant" SUPERMAN Movie
The director discusses his career so far, briefly touching upon his work on Man of Steel. The director makes a point of saying just how ridiculous Clark Kent's glasses are - is this why we're yet to see Henry Cavill don the specs?

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Joe Kelly Talks DEADPOOL; Says Fox Are Working Hard To Do The Character Justice
The writer reveals that he's spoken to the team who are working on the planned Deadpool adaptation and promises that they're making amends for the unpopular portrayal in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

First Poster For THE WOLVERINE Revealed?
A photo reportedly taken in the office of director James Mangold seemingly reveals the very first teaser poster for Hugh Jackman's return as the iconic Marvel character in The Wolverine.

More CBM X-Men Coverage

Michael Bay Talks TMNT Movie! Says, "They are from an Alien Race..."

Michael Bay talks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by stuffwelike

JOHN CARTER Expected To Lose Disney 200 Million Dollars
All though the reviews have been mix Disney is expecting around a 200 millions dollar loss due to John Carter's lackluster performance at the box office. Click here for the details.

Kick-Ass 2 Will Be About The Villains, Akin To A Clockwork Orange
More from Mark Millar, this time on Kick-Ass 2. It's finally happening and this time, the focus will shift from ordinary people turned costumed-heroes to regular joes turned costumed-villains.

New TV Spot For PROMETHEUS Debuts
Featuring a few new snippets of footage, hit the jump to check out a brand new TV spot for director Sir Ridley Scott's highly anticipated return to sci-fi.

Clive Owen Says He Has No Idea About The Filming Schedule For Sin City 2
Rapper T.I. Being Courted For A Marvel Film?
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Creator Kevin Eastman Praises Michael Bay's Vision
TWITTER BUZZ: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
Mark Millar Says SUPERIOR Will Be A Family Movie, Touches On The SECRET SERVICE Adaptation
New WRATH OF THE TITANS Featurette Puts Spotlight On 'Makhai'
New Trailer And Five Minute Preview For SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Released
New Image Of Bruce Willis From G.I. JOE RETALIATION
Tom Hardy Would Love To Play 007, If Christopher Nolan Directed

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VIDEO: 22 Minutes Behind The Scenes Of GAME OF THRONES Season 2
This brilliant look at HBO's upcoming return to Westeros features some new footage, as well as serving as a season 1 catch up. There are also interviews with the cast and creators of the show..

Jeph Loeb Offers A Brief Update On Marvel's Live Action And Animated TV Series
Marvel's Head of Television assures fans at WonderCon that work is still moving ahead on small screen adaptations of AKA Jessica Jones, The Hulk and The Punisher and teases a new animated series featuring everyone's favorite Merc With A Mouth.

First Look at Stephen Amell as GREEN ARROW in CW's ARROW
First look at Stephen Amell (Private Practice) in costume for CW's retelling of DC Comic's Green Arrow. Hit the jump to see what acclaimed costume designer Colleen Atwood has come up with.

World, Meet Your Michonne For Season Three Of The Walking Dead
Robert Kirkman has revealed whose been cast as the mystery samurai sword wielding woman that was briefly seen during the season finale of The Walking Dead. Find out who it is after the jump.

New Clips From GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Featuring Star Sapphire & Hawkman
AVENGERS: EMH Season 2 Details From Head Writer Chris Yost
Marvel To Abridge Their Classic Cartoons On Disney XD's MARVEL MASH-UP
Get To Know Stannis Baratheon In New GAME OF THRONES Season 2 Featurette
Darren Shahlavi Joins ARROW As Villain Constantine Drakon
EDITORIAL: In Defense & Praise of THE WALKING DEAD Season Two
Danai Gurira Talks Joining THE WALKING DEAD Cast As Michonne

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Marvel Comics
COMICS: Preview Of AVENGERS VS X-MEN #2 Confirms Which Side WOLVERINE Is On
The upcoming Marvel event is one of the most anticipated in some time, and here we have a couple of unlettered pages of John Romita Jr's artwork. We also (seem) to have confirmation of which team Wolverine will be fighting for..

If you haven't heard the news then you are in for a bit of surprise as Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, has become the new Captain Marvel. Hit the jump to see the character's radical makeover.

FEATURE: Avengers Assemble! Week Fourteen: Living Lightning
Miguel Santos was born the son of Carlos Santos, a member of the Legion of the Living Lightning, a group dedicated to usurping the U.S. government.

COMICS: The Vision Takes On Magneto In First Look At AVENGERS #24.1

More CBM Marvel Comics Coverage

DC Comics
COMICS: Jim Lee Reveals New JUSTICE LEAGUE Villain Design
His name hasn't been announced yet, but here we have our first glimpse at a brand new villain to cause headaches for the Justice League in the pages of the New 52..

COMICS: Preview For Batman #7
COMICS: New Details And Images From SMALLVILLE: SEASON 11

More CBM DC Comics Coverage

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