CBM Weekly Review: 03/24/12 - 03/30/12

CBM Weekly Review: 03/24/12 - 03/30/12

Here's a recap of all the top news stories from the past week. Catch up on any headlines you may have missed on The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel and DC Comics, and More!

EXCLUSIVE: Producer Gale Anne Hurd Talks The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale And The Pacing Of Season 3
The executive producer of The Walking Dead dishes on the pulse-pounding season finale of season 2 and briefly shares some news about the pacing for season 3 that should make a lot of fans happy.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Clark Gregg About THE AVENGERS And Future MARVEL Endeavors - Part 2
Actor Clark Gregg on future Marvel shorts, the difference between Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh and Joss Whedon and that Agent Coulson solo movie.

SNOW WHITE EXCLUSIVE: Director Rupert Sanders
In this exclusive interview, Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders discusses his approach to the film and how he wanted to ensure that this fantasy have some rooting in epic reality.

EXCLUSIVE: Graham Nolan Discusses Bane's Original Mask & THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
Co-creator of Bane, Graham Nolan, discusses the villainous character in-depth, from his original mask design to sharing his opinion on Christopher Nolan's take. Also, Graham spoke of his work on The Phantom, and his current comic Sunshine State.

Veteran actor Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket) talks to us about Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, and his highly acclaimed short film Jesus Was A Commie.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Chuck Dixon, Co-Creator of Bane
Legendary comic book writer, Chuck Dixon, discusses The Dark Knight Rises, Nightwing, and the villain that he would've liked to have seen used in Christopher Nolan's Batman universe.


Eric Roberts Says THE DARK KNIGHT Didn't "Educate, Enlighten, Move, Comfort"
While reflecting on Christopher Nolan's Batman movies - particularly The Dark Knight which he appeared in - Roberts admits to enjoying it, but suggests we may be holding it to a higher standard than it deserves..

Liam Neeson Officially Confirmed For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
Wrath of the Titans press notes officially confrim that Ra's Al Ghul as portrayed by Liam Neeson, will be somehow featured in The Dark Knight Rises.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Stunt Man Gives Description of Catwoman & Batman Fight Scene
Armie Hammer On That Defunct Live-Action JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie And The Pressure of THE LONE RANGER

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The Avengers
New THE AVENGERS Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
Mostly elaborating on the buildup to the long-awaited flick, with a decent amount of new behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Marvel's The Avengers director and producer, check it out.

Another New TV Spot For THE AVENGERS
We have seen the international TV spot now check out the newest domestic TV spot for Marvel's The Avengers that features even more new footage than the last one with a really good look at the aliens from the film.

Foreign Promo for THE AVENGERS Reveals New Footage With 'Black Widow' In Action!Featuring various new snippets of footage with Scarlett Johansson in action as Marvel's The Avengers Russian Spy 'Black Widow', hit the jump and check out an international commercial!

Curious As To What Happened To The Leader And The Destroyer Armor? Find Out Here.
What happened to Mr. Blue aka The Leader after the closing credits of The Incredible Hulk? Likewise, that Destroyer Armor didn't stay in New Mexico after Thor departed. Find out who has possession of both after the jump.

Kevin Feige, Joss Whedon and Robert Downey Jr. Discuss MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS
n a revealing chat, Kevin Feige and Robert Downey Jr. discuss what exactly it is that makes Joss Whedon the right man to helm the superhero ensemble, while the director himself comments on what drew him to the project in the first place.

The Cast Of MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Discuss Their Characters In The Superhero Ensemble
Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg and Tom Hiddleston all share their thoughts on where the characters they play in The Avengers stand in terms of motivation and more.

Kevin Feige Describes THE AVENGERS As Being From Nick Fury's Point Of View
In a lengthy chat which covers both Tony Stark and Nick Fury's place in The Avengers, Kevin Feige, Jeremy Latcham, Joss Whedon, Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson reveal plenty of tantalizing new details about the movie and the roles their characters play in it.

Three Directors In The Running To Helm CAPTAIN AMERICA Sequel!
Vulture are reporting that Marvel have whittled down a shortlist of ten to just three - or four if you count the two Community directors in the running! Click to find out who the others are..

Joss Whedon On The Power Levels Of The Various AVENGERS
Robert Downey Jr. On Whether He Misses Jon Favreau
Ten New Official Stills From MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Released
Joss Whedon Dishes On THE AVENGERS; Comments On Mark Ruffalo's 'HULK' Actions
Joss Whedon Rehashes THE AVENGERS Writing Process, Sequel Setups And More
More From Scarlett Johansson On Her Role As Black Widow In THE AVENGERS

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Spider Man
Check out some new glimpses of Spidey swinging into action in these four images, which tie the upcoming reboot into promotion for the new Sony NEX series camera..

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Director Marc Webb On Comic Book Inspiration And Retelling The Origin Story
The director of the reboot talks revealingly about his inspiration for Peter Parker's new snarky attitude and discusses his own take on the origin story so soon after Sam Raimi's take.

New THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Character Posters Spotted (Low-Res)
Check out three brand new posters from Marc Webb's upcoming reboot, featuring Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Dr. Curt Connors. Updated with larger pics..

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Warner Bros. Unveil Official MAN OF STEEL Banner
Revealing the first look at the redesigned iconic 'Superman' emblem for Zack Snyder's forthcoming reboot, Man of Steel, Warner Bros. has launched an official Facebook page. Check it out!

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Did Jane Goldman Reveal That She's Working On The X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel After All?
The much-in-demand screenwriter was previously on record as stating that she wasn't involved with Fox's sequel to X-Men:First Class but now it appears otherwise.

Chris Claremont Laments About The Perfect X-MEN Movie That Almost Happened
Produced by James Cameron, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, and starring Bob Hoskins as Wolverine and Angela Bassett as Storm. Guess which Marvel icon put the kibosh on that!

Michael Fassbender Offers An Update On The Status Of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2
In a series of video interviews from last night's Jameson Empire Awards, Michael Fassbender discusses X-Men: First Class 2 and reveals whether or not he saw any familiar Alien props during his time working on Prometheus.

James McAvoy Has "No Idea" When Production On X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2 Begins
The British actor reveals that he has no idea when production begins and comment on what he wants to see in the upcoming sequel as well as his chemistry with Michael "Magneto" Fassbender on the big screen.

More CBM X-Men Coverage

THE FLASH Can't Just Be A Guy That Runs Super Fast, Says Dan Mazeau
Screenwriter Dan Mazeau updates The Bleach and Flash live-action movie adaptations. Says Bleach will be set in Japan and won't repeat the same mistakes as Dragon Ball Z.

Kevin Feige Offers An Enthusiastic ANT-MAN Update
Although nothing too solid, Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige has offered an update for one of the many long-productive films post-The Avengers, declaring Ant-Man Closest It’s Ever Been!

THE HUNGER GAMES Exceeds Expectations With $155M In The US And $59M Overseas
LONE WOLF AND CUB Movie In The Works; Justin Lin Attached To Direct
Toby Kebbell Passionatley Shares His Views on The Stalled Live Action AKRIA Movie
New CABIN IN THE WOODS Poster & Stills
BATTLESHIP: "A Look Inside" Featurette With Peter Berg And The Cast
Ridley Scott On PROMETHEUS Rating And Returning To The ALIEN UNIVERSE

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GAME OF THRONES Grisly Highlights Get An Inappropriate Reaction (NSFW Video)
The cast of Lord of the Rings have a good chuckle over the dastardly vicious Game of Thrones' moments from season one. This is a humorous way to catch-up on the show before the second season premieres Sunday.

Six Clips From GAME OF THRONES Season 2 Premiere
We have seen lots of trailers and posters, but these are the first proper clips from the returning HBO fantasy series. Catch up with Tyrion, Jon, Robb, Dany, and her dragons after the jump..

NIGHTBREED TV Series May Be In The Works
Clive Barker has revealed that a cable tv show based on his horror classic Cabal may be on the way. He also offers an opinion as to why his movie adaptation of the novel, renamed Kightbreed, failed to find much of an audience..

First Official Look At "Beware The Batman"
Cartoon Network has released the first official image for Beware the Batman, the upcoming CG-animated series.

New AVENGERS: EMH Still Reveals Tons Of Awesome Cameos.
The Avengers EMH Disney XD

"Young Justice," "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" April 2012 Episode Schedule
Cryptic AVENGERS: EMH Teaser Images Raise Intriguing Questions
Rosario Dawson Collaborating With WALKING DEAD Producer For A&E's O.C.T.

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Marvel Comics
COMICS: MTV Takes Us Inside Marvel's Retreat, Where They Planned AVENGERS vs X-MEN--- AvX
he Marvel roundtable debate for AvX was pretty intense in the debut episode of Avengers VS X-Men: War Journals from MTV Geek. Check out the insider video with your favorite Marvel creators.

COMICS: First Look At AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #683; "Ends Of The Earth"
Thanks to Newsarama, we have a first look at the second instalment in the "Ends of the Earth" storyline. Doctor Octopus and his Sinister Six are up to no good as Spider-Man debuts his new costume alongside his fellow Avengers!

WWE Champion CM Punk Picks The Winner Of Avengers VS X-Men
In a interview with MARVEL the WWE Champion CM Punk weighs in on the Avengers Vs. X-Men conflict! Also considers himself most like Tony Stark.

COMICS: First Look At AVX: VS #1; Iron Man Vs. Magneto/Namor Vs. Thing
Featuring an epic battle between Magneto and Iron Man as well as brutal clash between the Thing and Namor, Marvel has released a first look at AVX: VS #1 by Jason Aaron, Kathryn Immonen, Adam Kubert and Stuart Immonen.

COMICS: Marvel Unveils Stuart Immonen's AVX: VERSUS #1 Variant Cover
COMICS: The Human Torch Moves In With Spider-Man In First Look At FF #17

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DC Comics
COMICS: Power Girl’s New Costume Gets Tweaked Yet Again
George Perez has drawn a new version of Power Girl's New 52 Costume. Is it any better? Does it have a boob window? Find out after the jump.

COMICS: First Look At "The New 52" EARTH 2 Version Of Alan Scott
Artist Ivan Reis offers up our first look at the modern day re-imagining of this iconic character, while Earth 2 writer James Robinson reveals what we can expect from his take on Alan Scott.

COMICS: Variant Cover And Page From Batman #8 Released, New Character Info
A page from Scott Snyder's Batman #8 has been released along with Jason Fabok's variant cover. Also Snyder talks about new character Harper Row!

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