CBM Weekly Review: 04/14/12 - 04/20/12

CBM Weekly Review: 04/14/12 - 04/20/12

Here's a recap of all the top news stories from the past week. Catch up on any headlines you may have missed on The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel and DC Comics, and More!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Chris (Thor) Hemsworth Comments on his Battle with the HULK!
One of the truly cool things about THE AVENGERS movie is that it's hitting upon all the fanboy fantasies--like a match up between Thor and the HULK! Hear what Thor actor Chris Hemsworth had to say about the scene! Only on ComicBookMovie.com!

VIDEO: Loki Endorses ComicBookMovie.com!
It's nice to know that the God of Mischief is a reader. Hit the jump for some kind words from the villain of Marvel's The Avengers..

AVENGERS EXCLUSIVE: Cobie Smulders Interview - Agent Maria Hill
Not only is this super hottie on the hit TV show "How I Met Your Mother," Cobie Smulders is the newest Marvel movie star in THE AVENGERS. See our exclusive interview with her, and what Kevin Feige has to say about the continuation of her character...

THE AVENGERS: Chris Hemsworth Shares Early Advice He Received About Playing Thor
The actor shares some good advice he received from a friend after he won the role of thunder god, and it's something we fanboys LOVE to hear...

Kevin Feige Reveals Who Owns The Rights To Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch
Well, this is interesting! The lads over at Hey U Guys asked Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige about which studio owns the rights to the two mutants and his answer may just surprise you! He also offers updates on Ant-Man and much more.

THE AVENGERS: Clark Gregg Talks about his Pivotal Role as Agent Coulson - MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!!!
Our exclusive interview with Clark Gregg about Agent Coulson's important place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. PLUS - The villain confronted about his dastardly deed!

I was lucky enough to be at the UK's first press screening for Avengers Assemble last week and the embargo has finally lifted! Hit the jump for my in-depth and spoiler-free review of arguably the greatest comic book movie ever made.


TDKR: Does Toy Merchandise Reveal That John Blake Is Actually Azrael?
Is The Dark Knight Rises' John Blake actually Azrael? This "Heroclix" bio may yield some interesting revelations for a character many assumed to be Dick Grayson.

Christopher Nolan discusses 'The Dark Knight Rises' Filming Process
In an interview with the Director's Guild of America famed Batman Director Christopher Nolan opens up about The Dark Knight Rises, IMAX and more!

New Trailer For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES On The Way "Very Soon"?
EDITORIAL: Evolution of A Character: Batman Villains in Film.

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The Avengers

Kevin Feige On Excluding Ant-Man In THE AVENGERS And Killing Off A Certain Character
Speaking openly about a certain character's end in The Avengers, without revealing who it is, Marvel's President of Production also comments on the exclusion of one of the original Avengers members.

Joss Whedon Vaguely Dishes On THE AVENGERS Deleted Scenes For Blu-ray/DVD
In a brief video interview, Marvel's The Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon reveals the length of deleted scenes to expect on the blue-ray/DVD release. Hit the jump and check it out!

Joss Whedon On How To Make A Successful Comic Book Movie
The Avengers director talks about what worked and didn't work in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Watchmen. Also, jokingly tells WB to "call him" about getting the Justice League movie going.

Marvel Working On Two Secret Movies?
Marvel's Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital Media Group better known as @Agent_M has apparently worked on two Marvel films that haven't been announced yet.

THE AVENGERS Feature On ABC's Nightline Show (HD)
ABC's late-night 'Nightline' show recently aired a six-minute behind-the-scenes feature on Marvel's The Avengers featuring exclusive cast interviews and five-seconds of actual new footage.

Kevin Feige Says AVENGERS 3 Might Be Right For The CIVIL WAR Storyline
During the "Meet the Filmmakers" event in London, Marvel Studios' President of Production Kevin Feige says Civil War, [arguably]the preeminent Marvel story line of the last decade might be right for Avengers 3.

Robert Downey Jr. & Mark Ruffalo On THE AVENGERS Recently-Filmed Scene
Kevin Feige On IRON MAN 3 Casting Rumors, INCREDIBLE HULK After Credits Scene And More
Kevin Feige On THE AVENGERS Aliens, End-Credits Teaser, TDKR Comparisons And More
Iron Man & Thor Face Off In New THE AVENGERS Clip!
The Cast Of MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Look Back At Their Favourite Rumors
Mondo Reveals Awesome AVENGERS Posters For Black Widow And Hawkeye
Samuel L. Jackson Describes What A S.H.I.E.L.D. Movie Could Look Like
Kevin Feige Talks THE AVENGERS Recently-Shot Scene
Kevin Feige Considered Front Runner For Disney Top Gig, Where Does That Leave Marvel?
Guy Pearce Joins The Cast Of IRON MAN 3 As "Aldrich Killian"
Kevin Feige Says IRON MAN 3 Won't Be What We Are Expecting

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Spider Man
New Footage Featured In Japanese AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Trailer
Hit the jump to check out a new Japanese trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, featuring some great new footage of Spider-Man, Uncle Ben and Aunt May. "In order to find the answers you must look within."

TASM: Marc Webb On Spidey's Redesigned Costume
The director of the upcoming reboot reveals the reason behind Spider-Man's distinctly "homemade" looking outfit, which many fans have had a few problems with..

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Marc Webb On Lizard's Lab Coat
Fans have wondered where Lizard's iconic lab coat is, and now director Marc Webb promises that fans won't be disappointed! He also comments on what made the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko creation a good choice of villain and more.

New Theatrical Poster For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Debuts
Another Poster For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Hits
Sony Pictures Release Expanded AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Poster And Banner
TASM: Marc Webb Explain's SPIDER-MAN's Attitude In The Car Thief Clip

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Ayelet Zurer Talks MAN OF STEEL
The beautiful Israeli born actress will play Superman's birth mother in Zack Snyder's reboot, and speaks to ShockYa about her experiences working on the film..

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Hugh Jackman's THE WOLVERINE To Film In Australia
The Australian actor is coming home, as it has just been announced today that James Mangold will film The Wolverine in Sydney, Australia. Click the jump for more details.

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Brad Peyton Hired By Warner Bros. To Write And Direct LOBO
Brad Peyton, who recently found success with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, has been hired by Warner Bros. to write and direct the long gestating big screen adaptation of Lobo.

MEN IN BLACK 3 Director Promises A Surprise Ending & Hints At A Future Reboot
Director Barry Sonnenfeld tells MTV that you can expect a surprise ending, and he also provides a brief outline of the first, second, and third acts of the film.

Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga Are Aliens ... In MEN IN BLACK 3
Director Barry Sonnenfeld has confirmed that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga will make cameos in Men in Black 3, but can you guess who the third celebrity is? It's a quirky director that creates films with a lot of depth.

Director Francis Lawrence Offered HUNGER GAMES Sequel CATCHING FIRE
Looks like Lionsgates' much talked about search for a director to Catching Fire, the sequel to Hunger Games, has concluded. It's being reported that they have made an offer to Francis Lawrence.

New PROMETHEUS Viral Vid "Happy Birthday David" Featuring Michael Fassbender
Brad Bird Won't Return For MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Sequel
A Bevy Of New G.I. Joe: Retaliation Posters
Mickey Rourke And Rosario Dawson Back For SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

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First Teaser For CG BEWARE THE BATMAN From Cartoon Network
Here's the first look at Cartoon Network's new Batman cartoon, Beware The Batman. The Batmobile is looking pretty sweet I must admit.

STAR TREK TV Series To Follow STAR TREK 2?
It's possible. Apparently, J.J. Abrams, Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller are kicking around the idea of bringing the beloved sci-fi television show back to the airwaves.

GAME OF THRONES Showrunner Talks Future Seasons, Has A "Special Message" For THOR 2
SNL Reveals The Secret Behind GAME OF THRONES Excessive Nudity

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comic books

COMICS: DC Planning Their Own Version Of CIVIL WAR With THE TRINITY WAR?
DC Comics are said to be planning a big 2013 focusing on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman? There are very few details as of right now, but some are already speculating that it will pit the trio against one another.

COMICS: DC To Release Zero Issues In September
To commemorate the one year anniversary of The New 52, DC Comics will release #0 issues for all its relaunched titles in September. The zero issues will take place before the #1's in their respective series.

COMICS: Charlie Adlard's Fantastic Cover For THE WALKING DEAD #100 Revealed
COMICS: New HAWKEYE Ongoing Series To Launch In August
Josh Wilding Reviews: THE SECRET SERVICE #1
COMICS: Marvel Teases Symbiote Event, MINIMUM CARNAGE
COMICS: First Look At Some Interior Artwork From BEFORE WATCHMEN
COMICS: Peter And Miles Take On Classic 616 Villains On SPIDER-MAN #3 Cover
COMICS: Diana Gets A New Look In WONDER WOMAN #8

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