CBM Weekly Review: 04/21/12 - 04/27/12

CBM Weekly Review: 04/21/12 - 04/27/12

Here's a recap of all the top news stories from the past week. Catch up on any headlines you may have missed on The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel and DC Comics, and More!

EXCLUSIVE Avengers TV Spot
The folks over at Disney have given us an Exclusive Avengers TV spot to share with our loyal CBM users! See it here first!

The villain of THE AVENGERS talks to ComicBookMovie.com about his dark role in the movie, pays tribute to the movie's fallen hero, and discusses the next cosmic villain to threaten the earth.

CBM Editor Rormachine Reviews THE AVENGERS
Or Avengers Assemble if you really must. Anyway, you might have heard of this one, probably thinking of seeing it. Wanna know what I made of Joss Whedon's little indie project? Click and find out..

YOUNG JUSTICE EXCLUSIVE: Greg Weisman & Brandon Vietti on "Invasion"
CBM Editor Ed Gross recently had the opportunity to sit down with Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti to get an overall sense of Young Justice's second season story arc, "Invasion."


DC Animation Doing A FLASHPOINT Movie With Kevin Conroy To Voice Batman
While doing an interview Kevin Conroy let it slip that he is working on a new animated project for DC Animation that will be based on Geoff Johns' Flashpoint run.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES To Feature Over An Hour Of IMAX Footage
Christopher Nolan's epic finale to his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, will break records this July as it becomes the first Hollywood movie to contain over an hour of IMAX footage. Hit the jump for details and comments from the director.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Chris Nolan & Christian Bale Reflect On Nolan's Last Batman Film
The Dark Knight Rises' Christopher Nolan, Morgan Freeman, and Christian Bale share their thoughts with the L.A. Times about working on the final chapter of Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Is This The Official Run-time For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?
Warner Bros. Executive Calls THE DARK KNIGHT RISES "Groundbreaking"
Michelle Pfeiffer Talks THE DARK KNIGHT RISES And Tim Burton's Planned Catwoman Spin-Off
Twitter Reactions To THE DARK KNIGHT RISES CinemaCon Footage
Three High Quality Promotional Images For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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The Avengers

THE AVENGERS New Clip Featuring Agent Coulson And Captain America
Add fashion designer to the many skills of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Agent Coulson as this new clip reveals that he designed Captain America's new uniform. Actor Clark Gregg also shares his experience filming The Avengers.

Fantastic New Footage Revealed In THE AVENGERS Extended Iron Man TV Spot
Revealing some incredible new footage. Check out the new one minute TV spot for Marvel's The Avengers which focuses Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man aka Tony Stark...

Stan Lee Addresses Jack Kirby Not Being Credited For THE AVENGERS Movie
While promoting his new documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, comic book creator Stan Lee was asked about Jack Kirby not being credited as a creator for the upcoming Avengers film.

Mark Millar Shares His Thoughts On THE ULTIMATES Influence On MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS
The comic book writer looks back on creating The Ultimates with Bryan Hitch and shares his thoughts on the hit series influencing everything from the look of Nick Fury to the tone of Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Was Sought After By Other Superhero Franchises, IRON MAN 3 Will Isolate Tony Stark
Join Empire Magazine for a podcast, Marvel Studios' President of Production Kevin Feige talks The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and The Hulk.

IRON MAN 3 Update, The Mandarin Might Not Be The Mandarin...
Here's an update on the Iron Man III story surrounding Ben Kingsley, The Mandarin and how the villain will be woven into the tech-dominant world of the Iron Man film series.

Life After Robert Donwey Jr. Hangs Up His Repulsors. Kevin Feige Says A New Actor Will Continue On Similar To James Bond
Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) isn't getting any younger and one day he'll have to stop being Iron Man. Will Marvel reboot or continue on? Kevin Feige has the answer.

THOR 2 Update From Chris Hemsworth
Could There Be Redemption For Loki? Tom Hiddleston Talks THOR 2
Jessica Chastain In Talks To Join The Cast Of IRON MAN 3
Is Andy Lau Joining The Cast Of IRON MAN 3?
Shane Black Discusses IRON MAN 3 Direction; Declares the Film A "Technological Thriller"
THE AVENGERS Full Cast Listing Reveals Additional Characters & Supporting Actors
THE AVENGERS: More New Footage In BLACK WIDOW Featurette
Joss Whedon: "The Avengers Is The Kind Of Movie That I Grew Up Wanting To Make And Thought They Had Stopped Making."
Joss Whedon Teases THE AVENGERS Deleted Scenes And Returning For A Sequel
THE AVENGERS Studio Interviews With Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans And Chris Hemsworth
THE AVENGERS Studio Interviews With Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson
Revealing AVENGERS ASSEMBLE Video Interview With Mark Ruffalo And Kevin Feige
Scarlett Johansson Confirms Black Widow NOT In IRON MAN 3
MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS: Mondo's Captain America And Thor Posters Unveiled
Next Posters In THE AVENGERS Mondo Series Feature THE HULK & IRON MAN
Stan Lee Comments On The Next Wave Of Marvel Movies
BOX OFFICE: MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Is Already Breaking Records Internationally
Joss Whedon On The CAPTAIN AMERICA / IRON MAN Scene That Was Cut From THE AVENGERS
EW Special Edition THE AVENGERS Covers Revealed; New (Low-Res) TV Spot During NFL Draft
More THE AVENGERS Stills And HULK Centric TV Spot

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Spider Man

Alex Kurtzman And Roberto Orci Hired To Write THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Sequel
News has just broke that Sony will have Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci write the sequel to Marc Webb's Summer blockbuster movie The Amazing Spider-Man.

TASM: Rhys Ifans On Playing The Lizard; Discusses His Audition Scene
Guess Who Else Contributed To THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN's Script?
RUMOR: Sony Executives Hate Marc Webb's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
New International Poster for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Debuts

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Superman Henry Cavill Bestows MAN OF STEEL Commemorative Coin

More CBM Superman Coverage


NEW MUTANTS Movie In The Works
At Cinemacon 2012 in Las Vegas, 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman hints at expanding their X-Men franchise with a New Mutants movie currently in early development stages at Fox.

Hugh Jackman's THE WOLVERINE Will Film In Japan!

More CBM X-Men Coverage

FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot To Be Developed By Josh Trank Who May Or May Not Direct
Fox CEO Tom Rothman provides updates on X-Men and Fanstastic Four movies, says Josh Trank could still direct FF4 and is currently working on the film's development.

DAREDEVIL Almost Returned To Marvel
Reportedly, screenwriter David James Kelly has been hired to pen the rewrite and another writer worked on the draft from Brad Caleb Kane and convinced Fox to renew the rights to Matt Murdock.

RUMOR: 20th Century Fox's Reboot Of DAREDEVIL Looking For A New Writer
G.I.JOE: RETALIATION Interviews---Cinemacon 2012 Red Carpet
15 Minutes of "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" Screened To Press Reveal More About The Story.
RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Sequel Could Be Released In 2014
New International Featurette For PROMETHEUS
New PROMETHEUS Featurette Includes New Footage And Interviews
CinemaCon: Description Of New R.I.P.D. And OBLIVION Footage
David Koepp In Talks To Write SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Sequel

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YOUNG JUSTICE: Invasion Promo Reveals Lobo, Adam Strange, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl And More!
This Saturday's Young Justice episode kicks off the Invasion storyline and features a bevy of new DC Comics characters receiving a debut on the show including Lobo, Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl.

FRINGE Officially Renewed For Fifth And Final Season!
Well, this is great news... While many fans thought Fox would cancel the show after this fourth season, it has been confirmed that Fringe will be back this Fall for one more season of 13 episodes..

BOOSTER GOLD Script Now In The Hands OF Syfy Brass?
Fringe writer Andrew Kreisberg has reportedly submitted his draft for the pilot based on DC Comics’ character Booster Gold to Syfy. A "Fringe-esque" Booster Gold series seems like it would have great potential, right?

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comic books

COMICS: Agent Coulson Officially Debuts Into The 616 Marvel Universe
Agent Coulson, the character made so popular by actor Clark Gregg has officially become a part of the Marvel mainstream universe. Agent Coulson makes his debut in Battle Scars, out Wednesday.

Josh Wilding Reviews: SUPERCROOKS #2
Supercrooks #1 earned itself a 5* rating in our review last month (find it HERE) but does the second issue from Mark Millar, Nacho Vigalondo and Lenil Yu manage to maintain that same high level of quality? Hit the jump to find out. [Minor Spoilers Ahead]

COMICS: 2000 AD Announce The Return Of The DARK JUDGES
Check out some great teaser posters highlighting the return of Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis to the pages of 2000 AD. No sign of Death just yet, but you know he won't be far away..

COMICS: Tom Brevoort Discusses The Marvel Universe's NEW Nick Fury
It looks like the cigar chomping Nick Fury that we all know and love will be taking a back seat to the all-new Samuel L. Jackson lookalike introduced this week in Battle Scars #6. Hit the jump for more on his new role and the decision to introduce "Nick Fury Jr." to the 616 Universe.

Grant Morrison Says BATMAN Is "Very Very Gay"
The writer doesn't suggest the character is actually homosexual, but describes the concept behind him as "gay". I dunno, read on and see what you make of it..

COMICS: Preview Of AvX #3 Sees Cap And Wolverine Come To Blows
COMICS: Variant Cover For JUSTICE LEAGUE #9 Features The Team's New Villain
COMICS: Preview For Worlds' Finest #1
COMICS: DC's EARTH-2 Variant Cover

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