CBM's Official NON-Review of THE AVENGERS Premiere

CBM's Official NON-Review of THE AVENGERS Premiere

CBM's Official NON-Review of THE AVENGERS Premiere

THE AVENGERS movie reviews are embargoed until May 2nd, so I must stress vehemently, THIS IS NOT A REVIEW!!! But CBM was indeed at the premiere and Galactus is bursting to innuendo its gloriousness.

Other than a few short tweets, we, the entertainment press that were invited to preview THE AVENGERS, are unable to detail how mind-blowingly awesome it was until later. So, until I can wax eloquent and compare it to the other greatest movies of all time, I can only answer a few questions that our readers have debated over and over on the site...

- For those who were worried about Joss Whedon helming this movie... You have been proven complete and total idiots.

- For those concerned that the large cast of characters would prove too much for one movie... NOT a problem.

- For those who think that underpowered Black Widow and Hawkeye would be underused and have smaller roles... Not so.

- For those worried that all the trailers, clips and commercials have shown all the good parts already... They didn't even scratch the surface.

- For those who don't believe THE AVENGERS will be THE comic book movie of the year... TDKR and Amazing Spider-Man will have to be surprisingly special to take the title.

Stay tuned for my full review where I hint at a MAJOR character tragedy, and how the HUGE reveal about the alien's master sets up the sequel. Also, look for the video interviews we'll be doing tomorrow to be online shortly.
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