Chris Evans Says Captain America "Gets Some Conflict" In The Avengers

Chris Evans Says Captain America "Gets Some Conflict" In The Avengers

Chris Evans Says Captain America "Gets Some Conflict" In <i>The Avengers</i>

Check out what Evans has to say about keeping a character like Cap from becoming bland, and how he will evolve by the time he thaws out and meets The Avengers..

There are those that don't think too much of Captain America as a character because really, where is the flaw? He is the perfect human being in every respect. Of course some great writers have managed to take that and make it work for the character and we have had some fantastic stories featuring Cap in the comics, but how does a movie that deals only with Steve Rogers' origin story and his first time strapping on the shield overcome that?

Speaking to SFX Chris Evans addresses this, and also reveals that come Joss Whedon's Avengers Cap will be dealing with a lot more internal struggles than he did in his first movie outing..

SFX: Marvel heroes are often distinguished by their flaws. What's Cap's?

Evans: That's the issue. When I first read the script I thought, "There's a risk of this being bland. I don't know what his internal struggle is. He starts out a great guy, he ends a great guy. Where's the conflict?" Everyone asks the question, "If someone killed your brother, would you want to murder that person or would you take them to jail?". There does come a time when Cap has to remember he's been given thsi power and not turn into an evil person.

SFX: Will he evolve further in The Avengers?

Evans: That's where he is gonna get some conflict. It's gonna be about not just adjusting to the fact that every human being he knows is dead, but adjusting to the evolution in society, and how modern values and morals have changed. But Cap's not a complainer. He doesn't whine. So it's gonna be a matter of finding conflict but without moaning. They do deal with that in The Avengers script.

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