Clark Gregg Hopeful of Flashbacks In THE AVENGERS Sequel for Sake of Agent Coulson's Return

Clark Gregg Hopeful of Flashbacks In THE AVENGERS Sequel for Sake of Agent Coulson's Return

Further expressing empathy for the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent's death in Marvel's The Avengers superhero assembly, the actor behind Phil Coulson, Clark Gregg, is hopeful of his return, even if it's in flashbacks.

Kicking off promotional rounds for Marvel's The Avengers Blu-ray and DVD release, the actor behind the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent fans have grown to love over three cinematic appearances before he met his fate in the big superhero assembly, chatted recently with NZ Herald. Elaborating on filming Phil Coulson's big farewell, and fans' response, the Boston actor says he's hopeful of a flashback of some sort.

“I was pretty sad when they told me. Coulson is a real person to me, he's part of me.People were very upset. I was in some screenings early on, just in the back and people would gasp and speak to the screen. People were angry. That was really moving to me. People really cared about this guy. More and more often people come over to me and talk to me as if we've just lost someone very close to us. Like, 'Dude, how could they do that?'”

“Other people are like, 'I'm sitting here with my kids all crying'. I feel kinda terrible. The day that we were shooting my farewell, they could tell it was hard on me and the Marvel guys brilliantly already had an early animated scene from near the end of the film where Hulk is pounding Loki to a pulp. They showed me an animated version of that, and it was vastly satisfying.”

“I certainly pray for a flashback. I really came to embrace what had happened just because I could have done a lot more films and he might've only been a functionary (character) who showed up sometimes. But to have him step up and stand up for everything he believed in to motivate the rest of them was a really beautiful way to go out so I just try to accept it at that. I have Marvel's numbers on my phone, I fantasise those numbers will come up.”

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