COMICS: Check Out The New Super-Smart AVENGERS NOW! HULK

COMICS: Check Out The New Super-Smart AVENGERS NOW! HULK

Although Hulk won't be getting relaunched with a new issue #1 along with the likes of Thor and Iron Man, Bruce Banner is in for some very big changes when Marvel's "Avengers NOW!" initiative kicks in. We also have some new female Thor and Superior Iron Man artwork.


When Tony Stark uses Extremis tech to save Bruce Banner after he's shot in the head, the result is a super-intelligent Green Goliath..and by the sounds of things it's not just going to be Stark that'll be at odds with his fellow heroes when the Avengers NOW! initiative gets underway. In next month's Hulk #5 by Gerry Duggan and artist Mark Bagley, the Hulk plans to rid the world of the poison of gamma energy, including gamma-enhanced beings such as himself -- but where does that leave the likes of Red Hulk and Banner's own cousin She-Hulk? "Some of these people are addicted to the power. They've been enhanced long enough that they're used to it and don't want to give it up," Marvel editor Mark Paniccia says. "Hulk fans love seeing big smash-ups and superhuman fights, so we're going to have some pretty epic battles."

Hulk #5
Hulk #5


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