EDITORIAL: Expressing My Love For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

EDITORIAL: Expressing My Love For The <i>Marvel Cinematic Universe</i>

From Iron Man to Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has accomplished many things. It has a genius producer in Feige, and a plethora of good scripts and directors. Hit the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg’s editorial!


This is NOT a hate thread against the comic book movies DC/WB, Fox or Sony make. I ask that you keep your comments friendly and leave trolling at the door. This means Marvel trolls AND DC trolls. Thanks.

It all started with Iron Man. It was a massive hit, had a huge following, a great star and was a great movie overall. It promised that one day, we would have a team up between some of Marvel’s greatest heroes. Six years later we have gotten four sequels, an ultimate team up movie, and a tv show, huge BO Gross and TONS of critical acclaim. They’re also leading by example, as all three other major CBM studios are following suit with Cinematic Universes. If that isn’t successful, I don’t know what is. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a list of reasons why I love the MCU, shall we begin?

1. They have a plan way ahead, and they go through with it.

Back even before Iron Man was released, Feige and co. had a plan. They know what they’re doing and had a grand plan they implemented. Unlike say, WB, Marvel had a plan before they released their first movie. Marvel takes initiative and get’s things done.

2. It’s plethora of directors, styles and characters.

Marvel Studios has done a great job of diversifying their directors. I really like the plethora of styles we get in the MCU. I mean, just this year we have a wicked political thriller that we got in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and then a space epic in Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s great to see all these great tones that fit all the characters.

3. They try to cater to everyone.

Despite the whole Mandarin debacle with the fans, not to much I have heard from the fans about comic accuracy has been said against the MCU. Marvel tries to cater to everyone, making quality films and huge blockbusters.

4. The quality is fairly consistent all around. 

I would say that I like(if not love) every movie in the MCU. I know some fans dislike Iron Man 2 & 3, and the Thor 1 & 2, but I have enjoyed every movie thus far. I never felt like there was a movie that felt to sub-par. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but it feels pretty consistent all around, which I love.

5. The acting is top notch.

Many fans loves Robert Downey Jr.’s performance as Tony Stark/Iron Man. I would totally agree. But besides him, the other actors and actresses do an incredible job of bringing their characters to the big screen. Like I honestly prefer Chris Evans to anyone else. He just is INCREDIBLE as Captain America. It’s just so great all around, the acting.

6. They made secondary characters box office gold.

If I told a nerd at Comic Con say, 24 years ago that one day, Captain America would outgross Batman, X-Men or Superman, I’d get laughed at. Marvel, as we all know, sold their most popular characters in the 90’s. So what they had left was pretty small. But they turned some pretty small characters into huge successes. Thor was very unknown by even some in the comic book fans before Thor was released. So to turn it around so much is fantastic.

And that’s all folks, so just comment below and let me know what you think!

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