EDITORIAL: Just Who Are The Alien Race In THE AVENGERS?

EDITORIAL: Just Who Are The Alien Race In THE AVENGERS?

With the release of The Avengers Super Bowl TV Spot yesterday with out first real look at the aliens and dozens of articles with different theories about who the aliens are. Make the jump to read my two cents

On a starting note, that's our first official look at the aliens. Many people have been speculating that they're the Frost Giants, but the aliens clearly have 3 toes whilst the Giants have 5. Plus, the aliens are green. We've scoured our minds for resemblances of the aliens to species from the comics, and right now the most popular theories seem to be the Badoon, Knights of Wundagore and the Sons of Musphell. Others are also saying Annihilus and Kree. What do I think? I have three suggestions, read on if you want to hear my theories.


It was reported a few months back that Annihilus's army would be the aliens in The Avengers, but that rumor seems to have been swept under the carpet as of recent theories. Just look at both the pictures, they look exactly alike - except the wings of course - and especially the mouth. Is it possible Joss could've tinkered with Annihilus's origins, and instead of a single person made them an entire race?

The Kree

We know we're not having the Skrulls. But why can't we have Kree? Sure, they don't exactly resemble the aliens but the Kree generally differ in appearance. I'm mainly basing this off of similarities in appearance, but I wouldn't be suprised if the Kree were infact the alien race.

The Phalanx

They look alike. Just look at both of them lol, they look nearly exactly the same. In the comics, the Phalanx were mainly adversaries of the X-Men but had tussled with the Avengers from time to time, and are telepathic. Another reason why I think it's the Phalanx is because they have the ability of moulding into each other to form bigger life forms. Could this possibly be the Leviathan, dozens of Phalanx moulded together?

Who knows? Well, we will know in April as (not just because that's when the British release is, yay for me!) minimates of the aliens will be releeased, and then we'll finally know their identity. What do you think of my theories, and who do you think the aliens are? Sound off in the comments below!

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