EDITORIAL: Putting the Pieces Together: Marvel Studios, "The Avengers."

EDITORIAL: Putting the Pieces Together: Marvel Studios, "The Avengers."

Hopefully, what will be a re-occuring segment on my Fan Page, Putting it Together, today I will go through all the images, trailers, clips and theories on Marvel Studios', The Avengers! Click the link for more!

Now over the past few months, we have been getting more and more scoops on The Avengers movie, and with that comes more and more Fan Fic. Now as usual, I will be embracing my thoughts on what is to exactly go down in the movie. Now this is pretty freaking hard regarding that the film is written and directed by one of the most unpredictable men in the world, Joss Whedon. So without further ado, I present to the ever so opinionated community, my editorial on The Avengers!

Now this section is pertaining to the fights between each individual Avenger and Loki.

As you know, Tom Hiddleston has stated many times, that the God of Mischief will go head on with each Avenger by themselves.

Part 1-Iron Man and Loki: This fight will be the witty, sarcastic, jackass oral fight, they will just fight with words, till Tony finally pisses off Loki.
See how in this gif, how they are in Stark Tower.

(Sorry for the crappy edit, I'm trying to write this article up fast.)

That is clearly the, "I have an army, We have a Hulk" part of the extended Superbowl TV spot. Now if you look closely during the Avengers trailer, around 1:29 It shows Loki throwing Mr. Stark out the window. No doubt these two segments are tied together. And I am guessing, this is one of the many things that lead into the final battle in the New York streets.

Part 2-Hawkeye and Loki: Now this I'm sure won't necessarily be a fight of any sorts, but much rather a mind-controlling fiesta. Now If you've checked out the various Lego Articles that showcase some battle sequences, you've most likely ran past the one that refers to the scene in the trailer where Loki is in the back of the truck and Hawkeye is behind the wheel, according to an article recentely posted by DCMarvelFreshman, and the after credits scene in Thor, Loki will indeed have control over Dr. Selvig and Clint Barton. That part with the truck most likely is the ending to Loki's Escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. Forces. Now Hawkeye near the end may have a further confrontation with Loki, but I'm guessing Clint will just be like Widow in the fact that they'll just get some of the mysterious aliens out of the way while the big 4 go up against the Silver Tongued Trickster, and even more so, the unconfirmed secondary threat.

Part 3-Hulk/Bruce Banner and Loki: This one is particularly difficult because there has been so many comic series and thousands of theories about how Loki and Hulk will go toe to toe. Now In DCMarvelFreshman's post, one part states, In the cell on the Helicarrier (probably the scene shown at D23), Loki tells Banner that the cell was designed for something “more mean and green”.

Now I'm sure Loki is trying to make the animal within come out of Dr. Banner here. Now for those of you who have seen the Hulk vs. Thor animated film, Loki seperates the Hulk from his sentimental human counter-part. And in the comic and film, Ultimate Avengers, Hulk loses it and goes rampage on his fellow allies. Now there is a fine line across about which of these will ultimately happen, and there is a huge concrete wall splitting the two that says neither will; that Joss will pull something even bigger on us, and according to Mr. Whedon himself, The Avengers...

"It's not just big, It's BIG!"


Now I would like to finish the remaining characters within the film, but I would like to know what you as the reader thinks, be sure to tell me what you think will happen, your thoughts and concerns, and if you like this article, be sure to "thumbs it up!"

Marvel Studios', The Avengers are Aseembling May 4th with a trailer on the way Wednesday, February 29th at 6PM! Exclesior!
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